Patriot's Diary 4/4/19 "The essential tactics of flung dung"

Posted on April 14, 2019

Patriot's Diary  4/4/2019

The essential tactics of Flung Dung


Two issues here:

Purely from an academic, observational point of view.

1)   Flung dung

I've been watching for greater sophistication, and some kind of PIVOT in the yellow vests' TACTICS, to catch the massing Government bully response off guard. I still think meeting in large numbers in (the same) public spaces shows a stubborn determination, a laudable we-won't-be-defeated-tenacity, but comes with a price. We know what Sun Tzu ('Art of War') says on the subject of picking the battlefield. Don't let the enemy get too comfortable. Preferably, don't let the enemy even choose the battlefield.  In this case, one tactic would be to organize hand picked members into defined formations. Escadrilles A,B,C,D, etc.

The size of the Escadrille might be a mere dozen, or fifty. The size is less important than the imperative resistance to infiltration. The ability to quickly field a number of different units, which quickly 'take out' defined political targets, likely Government buildings, with the weapons of choice. paint, fire bombs, hopper-delivered (or flung) farm manure (“flung dung”), or, if the above mentioned dead protesters occur, something retaliatory – and worse. Those interested in History, especially the tactics of insurgency, will see parallels of course to other “flying columns” used elsewhere. The aim is to keep the enemy exhausted, unsure, and demoralized. Not to mention soundly beaten at his weakest points. The challenge as always is to resist infiltration, and work on speed and flexibility. To hit, even destroy, a Government building hard and fast can be done in under twenty minutes. By the time the cumbersome response comes along, the Escadrille has long since melted away, whilst several other Escadrilles are monitoring, and poised to pounce, on other key targets.

Such a much more fluid disposition of Yellow Vest assets, reacting to battlefield changes as they occur from minute-to-minute, we have not yet seen. With the persecution of YV leaders only bound to get a lot worse, and the existence of a central controlling body ('Yellow Vest Council'), both an asset AND a liability, we continue to predict a cell-based popular movement evolving, with only the cell leaders communicating to formulate tactical responses. We also continue to predict that such a cell-based popular organisation will unite under Internet located ideological declarations. Another practical problem to overcome will be the monitoring of cell phones, the interruption of cell service, and the need for oft changing code.

2)  Lethal Force

The French Government is clearly haughty, alienated and snottily aloof. The French castle reportedly being fastidiously restored by Mrs Macron may serve as a potent symbol of an elitist mindset. One is tempted to write that they care not for the wishes of its people. But of course, as we know, that would be a mistake. They care very much about THEIR people:  the NWO, the secret societies, the apocalyptic Talmudians, the Rothschildts, and the ones Macron is seeing skiing and frolicking with up in the Alps.  Beware, messieurs, what vicious monster you arouse, when you pull the trigger. History can be changed, and HAS been changed, by a mere few hundred armed and totally committed paramilitaries, facing what appeared to be at the time, overwhelming odds.

We predict that lethal force, regrettably, will in due course be firmly answered – with lethal force.  

Francis M.

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