Patriot's Diary 4/5/19 "Who runs the World?"

Posted on April 13, 2019

Patriot's Diary   4/5/19

Who runs the world? And is trying to assert an IRON grip on all our minds?

The Manifesto of the New Zealand Mosque shooter should NOT be deleted off the Internet. It should not be made so, that even to discuss it is frowned upon in polite, PC kow-towing society.

Or made into a heinous FELONY to possess it or distribute it….??

What the HELL, you Kiwis?

Are we children? We can study all manner of History's rich offerings of Man's stupid, bestial, depraved and brutish. We can study serial killers and child molesters, watch horror movies (if that is your cuppa), and recoil in anguished delight (spilling our popcorn), whilst third rate actors chop off people's limbs, and gouge their eyes out, in some fifth rate B movie. No problem. Cannibalism? Sure. Decapitation? How many images would you like? Stoning women? You wanna see the blood and hear her screaming? No problem. All to the snackbar.

But “The Great Replacement”…? The document of the NZ mosque shooter?

Oh, no, no. That might hurt your eyes. It might give you nightmares. It might give you ideas. Tisk, tisk. heaven forbid. Don't you worry your little head, child, and WE Masters of the Universe will move heaven and earth to SCRUB it off the Internet. So you can quickly forget it ever happened.


Who the blue blazes ARE these people who don't just pull the strings, but hover ever ready to yank the dancing puppet's heads off if they start thinking for themselves?

I have downloaded it, I have printed it off, and I am quietly studying it as we speak. I intend to comment on it in this group as we go along..

Thank you all, for your understanding.

download from here:

New Zealand Shooter's Manifesto



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