"No longer shall my Heart be Quiet" – Ch.2

Posted on May 25, 2018

“No longer shall my Heart be Quiet”

Chapter 2:   Enter the Brave

Gustav knows the First Step Cell members, of which he is just an ordinary member, very well. Younger men mostly, they have nonetheless known each other for many years, from well before the date of the Great Betrayal, on September 5th, 2015. A Day that was destined to live in Infamy and Contempt.

Merkel’s Great Betrayal…

Open borders! A sweeping promise, a blank check, the Surrender of Innocence, delivered seemingly (?) without much forethought, never mind consultation, by an ageing, childless , burned out, limelight hogging, deluded (and treacherous?) Virtue Seeker.
Perhaps, the Ultimate Dancing Puppet-on-a-string. Even her. Taking orders? From who?  Mad woman. Or incredibly cunning. Ruthless. The worst type. An enigma. The biggest possible liability to Europe. In the first throes of Senile Decay.
With an irrational, pathological fear of… dogs?

Gustav regarded Merkel’s tenure as destructive and as perfidious as that of the reviled Vidkun Quisling. World War Two Nazi collaborator, and traitor to Norway. Gustav fervently wished upon Hure Merkel the same fate as that which befell Vidkun.

Firing Squad.

Meanwhile, until the German people finally come to their senses, and the sleepwalking, cowed, and pitifully pliable masses awaken, Gustav knew it was all down to

the small, reviled minority

to step up

and change History


His own Step Two level cell, of which he was the leader, was composed of good men. His mind analysed them. It was he, and he alone who had carefully recruited them. They knew only him as their contact person to the rest of the shadowy Spider’s Web.
At issue now, was their ability to adjust to a steady, but remorseless ratcheting up of the intensity of the conflict. So far, their activities had been purely defensive in nature. Not involving the application of Lethal Force. Street Patrols, protecting women and children. Meting out Vigilante Justice. Broken heads, bloody noses, and plentiful bruises. Young Muslim thugs, previously accustomed to owning the streets at night, and increasingly during the days as well, had been in for some rude shocks. They were not -yet- used to inevitably encountering roving SOW patrols, in numbers, determined, capable and willing to mete out severe beatings on the spot. They were still plying their drug trade, enjoying their criminal enterprises, and openly leering and lusting after young white Swedish women. Still openly hanging out at High School gates. Their grooming gangs, enjoying undreamed of spoils, and ever intensifying their brazen contempt for Western Culture and values, were yet in full swing.

But beginning to more often look over their shoulders…

Gustav sighed deeply. A book lay open on his desk, a passage highlighted. What Patriot, he pondered, could possibly not be moved (or infuriated) by Peter McLoughlin’s book? His work, “Easy Meat – inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal” laid out in detail the tragic path the British Establishment had already so cravenly followed. The author’s words on page 59, carefully measured, almost understated, nonetheless screamed a terrible indictment.

In 2011 a wave of reports swept across the news media, indicating that they had finally woken up to the phenomenon of the Muslim grooming gangs. This was followed in 2012 by the Home Affairs Select Committee undertaking an investigation into this scandal (with the Committee’s report finally being published in June 2013). However, it was not always so, and between 2004 and 2011, there was only one journalist who stuck with this story…

What, Gustav wondered, could you really say about the original British Rotherham Report? With the official figures of 1,400 young white girls between the ages of 11 and 16 sexually gang raped and abused for years? What did this “report” represent? A watershed? A turning point? Or a token gesture? Even, a crude white wash? A white wash of Police and Social Workers? A white wash of an ineffective, effete, PC compliant British Government?

However, it was not always so, and between 2004 and 2011, there was only one journalist who stuck with this story…

The true numbers of victims would in later fact not only turn out to be much, MUCH higher, soon running into tens of thousands of cases, even running into claims of six figures, but the abuse tradition itself? Would continue, unabated. It would only increase massively in scope and intensity. As if the Muslim rape gangs would just shrug it all off. Negative publicity? What negative publicity?

We have more and more Muslim mayors in Britain anyway. You think they will cause waves for us? Investigate us? Persecute us? Are you mad? Or just crazy naive?

Nah. Indifferent. Onward. F*ck ’em all. The British Lion can kiss my Muslim *ss.
Easy Meat…

To Gustav, this was insanity. The actions of his own Government, reckless bordering on raw criminality. How could anybody not see the red flags? The writing on the wall? The Arabic scrawl? Dripping blood?
The Muslims, with their numbers still -percentage wise- small, albeit exploding, were demonstrating their true, 7th century, endlessly cruel, harsh desert origins. Their breath taking institutionalized, ingrained, almost genetically coded hatred, aggression, and intolerance for the kafir West. 1400 years of bloodshed, intolerance, and ethnic cleansing. A renewed attack on the gates of Vienna. The eradication from the pages of History, forever, of so many much more gentle, much more artistic, much more feeling clans, tribes and cultures. Whole regions of this small planet, simply casually sterilized, overnight, of anything not bowing down to their Brigand, pedophile, slave owning, interminably cruel founder. Who had demonstrated the brass neck to elevate himself, even in his own life time, to God-like status.

The Perfect Man… What a sad joke.

The rape of the very concept of religion.
It was an in-your-face display of their true colors. A flaunting of Illegality and immorality, and lip curling contempt for everything Christian or non-Muslim, that boded extremely darkly for that which is yet to come. Once they had bred their numbers up.

Gustav sighed. He saw pogroms, white genocide, and terror.

He walked back to his desk, and pondered the young, idealistic, desperately well meaning members of his very own Step Two cell. They looked up to him. They would follow his lead.

But were they ready? Ready for an intensification? A major -huge- escalation?
Trickling down from the top of the Pyramid, cautiously as ever, on guard against Orwellian Government infiltration and espionage, a new tactic was being passed down.
In simple words:

“It’s time to take the fight to the enemy.”

Gustav was in complete agreement.

It was high time.

To man up.


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