GAB Group/Discussion Overview

Posted on May 11, 2018

GAB GROUP/Discussion Overview

Note: NONE of these GROUP links work   Must be the way GAB is set up        'Confused'


Note 1: WWW.GAB.AI is the up and coming competitor to Twitter and Facebook, and is dedicated to Free Speech. 'Clapping'    It is increasingly being supported by Free Speech advocates, who see that right, especially in Europe, being flat out trampled on.  

Note 2:  I write on GAB as well. Here is my page:   
You will see I have a number of topics I started. Four so far. Here is the 'pinned post' that describes those four topics:  https://gab.ai/FrancisMeyrick/posts/18765844

Note 3: I also started what GAB term a GROUP. All of this is highly experimental for GAB, and very new for me. The group is called: “THE COMING EUROPEAN CIVIL WAR(S)”
Here is the link to that group.

Here is the problem I'm wrestling with.The GLUG phenomenon. As an example, there is a topic on GAB named BRITFAM
This topic has been hugely supported, thousands of posts, but each new one comes in on top, and squashes all the rest one more step down. It becomes impossible to locate anything. It becomes one great big… GLUG.

In my group, THE COMING EUROPEAN CIVIL WAR(S), I want to try and introduce some kind of STRUCTURE from the beginning. I'm wide open to input here.

So far, we have got:


Discussion #1:   “Is resorting to violence a legitimate form of political expression in Europe today?”

Note 1 to Discussion #1.  (WE are the freaks; Strength and/or P-A-I-N rules okay).

Hopefully, you see what I'm trying to achieve here:
1) laying the groundwork for a 'structure' that permits newcomers at any time to instantly glance back and get a feel for what we have been talking about.
2) Making it much easier to REFERENCE what has gone before. All you would have to do is reference, say, Discussion #23, Note 7, and jump right in.

So much for the OVERVIEW.

In addition, I thought it would be helpful to have a section for MOST UPVOTED POSTS ON TOPIC.
Again, making it much easier for newcomers to see what we have been talking about. And making it much easier to REFERENCE what has gone before.

It would look like this:

MOST UPVOTED POSTS ON TOPIC – May 2018.   'Winkthumbs'

Civil war in the UK is a scary thought and totally preventable…
Start building an arsenal of weapons to defend yourself…
I'm crying. Just got called a racist for even talking about it.
My Brother is older than me        (on Pacifism)
I have worked all over the world          (on primitive, machete wielding violence)
A number of us have long since expected…    (rise of armed paramilitary groups in Europe)
British will be a minority in our own Country by 2060
30 strong gangs of African teenagers walking about
I enjoy receiving visitors from Europe…    (guns)

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