Pilgrim's Diary – March 3, 2018

Posted on March 3, 2018

Pilgrim's Diary    March 3, 2018

The events of this last while take my breath away.  
1) The onslaught of the DOG's (Dark Organ Grinders) on Free Speech has been ratcheted up to an intensity that defies logic. It's not 'business-manipulate-deceive as usual'. For sure. The hysteria with which 'conservative' speakers, channels and outlets have been simply taken off the air by Face-boob, You-boob & Twit Feed is unparalleled. You-boob has now apparently come back and (vaguely) apologized, claiming it was all an 'unfortunate accident', (sorry! very, very sorry) but appears very slow to put the growing chorus of dissent back on the air. “Sorry, our mistake, but while we are at it, we'll just keep on making that mistake – thank you “.  
2) 'Britain First' are facing the usual Government sponsored heavy hammer treatment. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up, or we will lock you up, bankrupt you with legal fees, and sick the Tax authorities and VAT rapid Reaction Force onto you! Shut up! Shut up! ”   I have wryly remarked that 'internment without trial' in Northern Ireland is alive and kicking. This time around the Northern Ireland Police Authority is kicking Brits. Determined, it seems, to faithfully carry out the Government's wishes to lock up Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen. Cost what cost. I know one person who has been hanging on the phone to Belfast. Promising Knighthoods, gongs or the Gulag for failure. That would be Trembling Theresa. As in Shariah May. (Shariah-May-do-anything-Shariah-feels-like)  Got to hand it to Golding and Fransen. Unbowed. Stubborn as mules. Kind of entertaining. I have to admire anybody who is willing to go to jail for their opinions. Knowing full well they will be left deliberately cynically exposed to attack from low IQ, hysterical Muslims.
3)  Tommy Robinson I read got kicked off twit-feed and You-boob. The heavy jackboot of British so-called Democratic Government. Which is only democratic if you vote the way you are supposed to. If not, it all reverts to Foxtrot Uniform. FU, for short.
4)  And lastly, little moi, the unknown mini-minion, got his own come-uppance.  That was actually interesting for me, and revealing. Censorship rules! In a short space of 24 hours I got permanently banned from The Daily Mail, and suspended off Facebook. Where the Daily wail is concerned, over the years I have added 2,058 comments there. Upvotes: 78,000. Downvotes: 17,000.  Hardly shabby. But this one comment got me instantly life-time banned. It was underneath an article presenting the Holocaust story as F-A-C-T. I would say, almost a religious fact. As you will know, the Internet makes it fairly easy to turn up a wealth of information casting serious doubt that the casualty rate from Holocaust extermination was even anywhere NEAR six million. Nobody denies that it was war, and that bad things happened. But the hyperbole is way over the top. Asking for historical accuracy does not make a person a 'Holocaust Denier.' It rather makes a person somebody who has weighed a lot of evidence, and come to the reasonable conclusion that the 'six million figure' is massively overstated. Simple as that. My comment expressed my reasonable, researched doubt that this ongoing Holocaust narrative is partly untrue, and significantly exaggerated. BOOM! Banned for life. No appeal, no discussion. Just Foxtrot Uniform #2. FU2, for short.
Facebook Mods were mad with me for posting a cartoon, that is based on F-A-C-T. This actually HAPPENED. But never mind pesky facts, Foxtrot Uniform #2.  FU2, for short.
5)  So we thank GAB.ai.   Nobody has sent me any death threats yet. Here, let me post that cartoon again. Just by way of erecting my middle digit in a manner traditionally reserved to express one's displeasure.

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