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Posted on February 1, 2018

Response #1 to Gab contributors ref column “The Coming European Civil War(s)


Firstly, thank you for your participation. Here follows some thoughts that I hope will enable further fruitful exploration of the likelihood (or not) of increasing violence in Europe. It partly reflects inputs received.

1) I maintain that there are plenty of Westernized Muslims, who pose no risk to European security, no extremist beliefs, and who wish basically to be left alone. These are working folk, often enough well skilled, who deserve better than to be harassed, intimidated, or even made to feel unsafe.

2) To drive such folk into the arms of the hardliners, the Fundamentalist crazies, seems counter productive. By all means let us isolate, humiliate, mock and persecute the Fundamentalists. I have zero respect for Allah, and I have zero respect for a lot of the Quran. Yes, I have struggled through it, and read it. Cobbled together from the Talmud and the Bible as it is, even the Quran is not all bad. Let us respect those who would identify themselves as 'Muslims' or 'of Muslim descent', who have achieved a humanity and a compassion. And who (quietly or not) don't subscribe to the plentiful blood and gore bits. Leave them be.

3) Somebody will say that in war, you fight to win. Or you lose. There is some truth in that. I am familiar with the concept, and the manner of thinking. But we are not (yet) in an all out war, blitzing German cities with a hail of fire bombs, regardless of the consequences. Yes, the future looks grim. We might pause and consider where all this uncertainty and restlessness will lead us. But we still see a lot of 1939. The apt styled “Phony war ” in Britain.

4) Somebody will point out that it's hard to tell them apart. The Moderates from the Fundamental crazies. And that poll after poll has demonstrated, that a distressingly high proportion of Muslims hold views entirely incompatible with the Western Democratic way of life. That same 'somebody' might add that the percentage is immaterial. Whether it is 20% or 40% pales into obscurity, when we consider 1.8 billion Muslims, or 24% of the world's population.  Japan is but one nation that puts Draconian restrictions on any Muslim immigration.

5)  So will we see European civil war(s)?  Some would say we already well past that point. Most of us are cynics now, where the official media are concerned. We believe the truth is being furiously covered up. Whatever source of information you personally trust, the news is grim. It's not getting any better.

There is a sense of a powder keg, waiting for the lit fuse.

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