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To cheat, steal, swindle and deceive…??  'Noooo'



An exposure of ugliness and raw greed, confidence tricking and humbug,
and a hit list of those elected officials who actually care 'Clapping' (and those who do NOT)  'Yawn'

brought to you by the author of the web page

(see case #3)

Note: in order for a comment, post or article to constitute internet libel, the following elements must typically be met: The first thing you must prove is that the statement constitutes a false statement of fact. … Opinions are typically not actionable as defamation. The false statement of fact must harm your reputation.

Part 1:  Greetings & Hard Facts.   'Clapping'
(Documented facts. With a million photos, statements & the scars & blood pressure meds to prove it…)  'Speaking'

Do you have young children? Have you ever searched to see if there are any registered sex offenders in your area? The Internet is a powerful tool, and the results of a local search will probably shock you. The distressing scale of the sexual predator phenomenon is mind blowing. So is their cunning, their guile, and their sheer brass neck. So many of these people are incorrigible. It is frequently argued there is no cure for child sex offenders.

Well, have you ever used a builder??   'Yes'   OHMIGOD++++ CLICK HERE+++   'Speaking'

Do you plan on using one? Home improvements, anybody? Repairs? Did you ever stop to think that there are 'builders' out there, who are every bit as predatory, as cunning, and utterly ruthless as sexual deviants? Who will harm your home, your family, your finances, and your mental health? Maybe even your marriage? (seriously) Who will simply take your money, do the most awful, slap-dash, downright dangerous job, and walk away, grinning to themselves? Who may even just flat out laugh in your face? (see example quoted below) After they've got your money? Who employ under them workers (and so-called 'foremen') who faithfully/meekly carry out the boss's instructions, even when the intent (to defraud the home owner) is blatantly obvious?
Believe me, they are out there. Big Time. Hurting people. Badly. Often people who really can't afford it. I am doggedly on the trail of just one such utterly heartless and poker faced monster. Below follow four statements, from four different victims. Four different households, devastated by the same crooked couple. This pair operate in East Texas, but the same M.O. is being played out every day all over the USA. I urge you to take a moment, and read through these statements, and then ask yourself these questions:

1) how is it possible that such brazen predator-builders can go on, and on, and on, seemingly without any repercussions? For years? 'Steam' Simply moving from one victim to another? Merely occasionally moving to a different town? A different county?
A different State, if it eventually all gets too hot? Laughing all the way to the Bank? (or the secret hole in the ground into which they stuff their ill-gotten gains)
2) what is wrong with the Texas legal statutes on the books that smoothly facilitates their successful escape from consequences?
3)  how come Law Enforcement is so disinterested? (see below)
4) and what can YOU do to make sure you do not become another notch in the predator-builder's well worn chisel?

I will answer those questions later, as best I can. But first, let's jump right in to the four previously mentioned statements. I will give you the bare bones statement, without the many accompanying photos. But if you wish, you can click on the related underlined hyperlink, and go to whichever FULL statement that might interest you, and those FULL statements include the many photographs. You may rest assured I have personally visited each house, and personally witnessed the exploitation. I have also, in the sad and stressed voices, picked up clearly on the unhappiness and financial hardship this particular odious little man-wife team has inflicted. Smelling, as he usually does, of body odor and stale cabbage, with a faint whiff of urine, this particular predator-builder is a master at his art. He elevates duplicity to an Olympic Marathon of greed and pitiful incompetence. Although he is a  Gold Medal winner in Falsity every time, an astute observer will nonetheless quickly observe the hidden flaws in his well practiced methodology:

The sheer repetitive nature of the same old gags and confidence tricks.
Not to mention the recurrent colossal, pig ignorant, code violating, sloppy builder c*ck ups.
That could easily BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN. Sure, he may talk up a storm, and pretend to sell ice to the Eskimos. (Taking their money, but omitting the small inconvenience of actual delivery). He may swagger convincingly, and be cocky as can be. After all, I guess YEARS of getting away with it does that to you. He may be able to muster a wonderful act of 'scandalized outrage' at the mere HINT that HE is NOT exactly God's gift to carpentry and electricity, (and house leveling, and installing hardiboard, etc, etc) but he can't fail to leave a TRAIL of carnage a mile wide. He may huff and puff, but even in that dark and musty swamp that passes for his soul, and that of his fully complicit (laughing) wife-partner, there may yet today be a faint glimmer of realization. A distant bell… tolling.


( “Oh, f**k. This is the age of the Internet, and maybe we messed with the wrong guy… “)

But, dear visitor, I will let YOU be the judge. The timing of this web page may be fortunate. The recent hurricane in Texas, causing widespread devastation, doubtless has a veritable plague of these locusts descending on hapless, shell shocked victims. Competing unfairly (undercutting) against the frustrated honest tradesmen.

So, without further ado, let's look at four statements from four victims.  Four heartaches. Same builder couple. For now, let's call this builder couple "Mr and Mrs Boris Porqchops".

I started off feeling sorry for him, 'Speaking' because he said he'd suffered nine strokes  (I've been through one). He also claimed (emotionally) that he was:
a decorated US Army Ranger…
who had HALO parachuted (Low Opening) down to 300 feet into Baghdad…

But fallen on hard times, he said 'the only way they could make it' was that his wife was claiming food stamps. As an ex Free Fall jumpmaster, and skydiving enthusiast, I asked him what canopy he used. I also expressed amazement his chute would open at 300 feet, travelling at terminal velocity of 176 feet per second. (I recall now that the conversation changed abruptly at that point…) I wonder if he would be prepared to show me his DD-214…   
Oddly, the LOCAL Sabine County Veteran Service Officer has no record of him being a Veteran…  'Boring'

Part 2  – 6 statements  (MORE TO COME)
6 disasters, 6 heartaches, 6 cases of financial loss  (1 builder)  'Usehead'

Case #1   'Steam'

Mr and Mrs B and L    (Case Complaint filed with Texas Attorney General Office) 'Fly'

Date:  9/23/17   Address: provided    (East Texas)

Note: I have met this couple at their home  'Winkthumbs'

We first contracted with Mr and Mrs Boris Porqchops early in May 2017.
We contracted for:
1)  The whole house to be re-wired, and a new breaker box to be installed outside
2)  run a wire out to an aerobic septic system
He quoted $3,900 to re-wire the house and another $350 for the aerobic septic line.
We paid him $4,250 up front. Which is what he demanded.

Results of Mr Boris' work:  'King'

1)  re-wiring
This is still not even remotely done. And he has not been back for months. Not only that, but so much of it looks dangerous, and we are worried there may be an electrical fire in our house. And we are worried that the insurance would not cover such an event, because the work is obviously not up to code. The breaker box he had supplied is improperly secured. There are loose wires hanging all over the place. See attached photos. We have many photos showing this, for instance the yellow wires in the utility room simply hanging down. We are obviously not licensed electricians, so we can't describe technically what's wrong, but what we have seen and experienced does not inspire us with confidence. One day, Mr Porqchops was there working with his men, and he was telling one of them to wrap electrical tape around the whole length of wires in the attic. We don't really understand why that was being done. All of a sudden there was a loud and piercing scream from the attic, and a tremendous thud. Everybody came running. It turned out that Mr Porqchops had turned the mains electrical power back on, without checking first to see if it was safe, whilst one of his men had been busily engaged wrapping wires in electrical tape. The scream we heard was the worker in the attic being electrocuted, and the thud was his body flying across the attic. We were heavily concerned, but Mr Boris was quite unperturbed. He was more just irritated. He angrily tore strips off his worker. He was cross. This rather bizarre (to us) conversation then took place:

Mr Boris to his worker: “What is your problem?? You had plenty of time to finish that job! What have you been doing up there? I thought you had to have finished by now! “
Worker (white-faced): “Mister Boris, it's stiflingly hot up there in the attic. I was drenched in sweat. I had to keep wiping my hands off.    And the tape wasn't sticking very well to the wires."   'Speaking'

Shortly after that, they decided to knock off for the day. The worker in the attic was nineteen years old. It was his first day of working for Mr Boris. It was also his last. He quit.
Whatever happened, after that short circuit, half the electrics in the house no longer worked. Both lights and sockets were affected in this way. There were only three or four electrical plugs working in the whole house. So we had to run electrical extension cords for close to two months. The hot water heater also no longer worked, so we had no hot water. So we had to go to our parents' house to take a bath.
On another occasion, a worker called P. (who was the 'foreman') was up in the attic, and he kept begging Boris to come up into the attic to check his work. He didn't seem to know what he was doing, but Boris refused to climb up into the attic to check his work.  
Boris laughingly said to us:

“I'm not going up there. It's crazy hot up there. “

Basically Mr Boris just sat on our sofa, drinking our soda, whilst his seemingly wholly untrained workers were trying desperately to actually do some kind of work.
We also get electric shocks off the washer. We complained about this, but nothing was done.
Our central air and heat wouldn't work after he re-wired the house. We had to pay an air conditioning company to come out and check what was going on. I was afraid that Mr Boris had fried our Air conditioning unit after the short circuit in the attic. But the A/C gentleman that came out told us that the reason the A/C didn't work was more simple.

Boris had wired it up for 110 volt, when it was in fact a 220 volt unit.

2) the aerobic septic system
The connection didn't work. We found out that the reason for this was simple: he had forgotten to connect the wire. Leaving the dangling loose wire HOT. WE had to go out and buy conduit and a breaker. And get somebody else to connect it all.
Mr B is disabled. He had a stroke, and this caused uncontrollable seizure disorder. He is obviously not able to work.
Mrs L is on disability, and is also unable to work.
The $4,250 paid to Mr and Mrs Boris Porqchops represents a HUGE amount of money for us, and this experience has been traumatic and massively worrying and stressful for both of us.  


Case # 2  'Steam'

Mr and Mrs D and K      (Case Complaint filed with Texas Attorney General Office) 'Fly'

Date:  9/23/17   Address: provided    (East Texas)

Note: I have met this couple at their home  'Winkthumbs'

We contracted with Mr and Mrs Porqchops on or about early May 2017.
The work was meant to be as follows:

Main breaker box electrical work
Install patio doors  (doors provided by us)
Run an electrical wire/connection to power the aerobic septic system

He quoted $650 for the breaker box work. He wanted this money in advance, because he said he had to go buy the breaker box.
He quoted $450 to install the (provided) patio doors
He quoted $300 to hook up the aerobic system

The Results of Mr David Laird's handiwork:  'King'

A) breaker box work

The box leaks. It gets water inside every time it rains. We complained repeatedly to Mr Boris. When he eventually answered our phone calls, to our very great surprise, he demanded an additional $200 to come and address this issue. This was despite the fact that HE had both provided the box, AND installed this box. We were not happy about this. The new box is now already starting to rust inside. The weather head appears to have been incorrectly installed. The rubber boot looks slapped up there, and is not properly installed.

B) install patio doors

We provided the patio doors. Somehow he managed to lose the hardware that closes the right hand door at the bottom. We don't really understand how this was possible, but he achieved this anyway. This meant that the doors did not close properly and securely at the bottom. This would be bad enough, but in addition to this, there is a huge gap at the top of the door, that large insects and small birds can navigate safely through. Rather than admit at the time that he had (allegedly) lost the provided metal fitting for the bottom of the patio door, he decided to fix the issue in this manner:  

he simply drove two (decidedly tired looking) rusty and used screws at a forty five degree angle through the top and bottom of one of the two patio doors, into the RH door frame.    'Grin'

We guess he thought that would fix the problem (and hide the fact that he had lost the metal hardware).  It didn't.  Obviously we immediately noticed the minor fact that we were unable to open that RH patio door. It was after all permanently screwed shut. In addition to the fact that one of the two patio doors was now permanently shut, the doors were obviously hung crooked. They were so crooked in fact, that you wouldn't need a cat burglar to break into our house. Our pet cat quickly learned the trick to push on the door, and enter anytime she pleased.

New trick. One very smug cat.

Again, we complained to Mr Porqchops. We also pointed out that the facie board above the patio doors had been removed, but not replaced. And was missing. This was also letting in water and insects. And was big enough for a fully grown raccoon. Never mind just small birds. He did not bother to come out, but curtly told us that it was not his fault. He could not help us anymore, because 'the patio doors were warped'. Finish. End of conversation.
(We have never heard of STEEL patio doors 'warping'.)

During one frustrated call from Mrs N to Mr Porqchops, he replied to me in an irritated manner that he couldn't talk to me because he was 'taking care of business'.  We had to tell him firmly that this WAS business.

C) aerobic septic system

All he had to do was run one electrical wire out to a receptacle for the aerobic septic system. He seemed to have done this, but when the aerobic septic installer came out, he told us that the electrical connection was faulty. We called Mr Boris, but he said he was 'in a meeting'. This was despite the fact that we explained to him that the aerobic installer was at our house now, and obviously could not hang around indefinitely.  After that, he would simply not answer our phone calls any more. We tried multiple times. Then the septic tank installer called Mr Boris, and, strangely, Mr Boris answered the call on the first ring. 'Laughing'    The installer told Mr Porqchops that he needed to come out, to fix the mess up. Mr Boris grudgingly said he would come out, and he did. He did something, but after he left, the septic installer told us the breaker still kept popping. This problem was eventually traced to the simple fact that Mr Boris had used the wrong type of breaker.  The breaker amperage was far too low. The septic installer later told us flat out that Mr Porqchops was not a licensed electrician, and didn't have the foggiest clue as to what he was supposed to be doing. When we confronted Mr Boris with this, he replied that he had 'obviously' been sold a faulty breaker when he originally bought it, and that is why it was happening. In blaming it on a bad breaker, he said he was not responsible in any way. Finish. End of conversation.

During all these many frustrating and tedious problems, I spoke numerous times with his wife, Mrs Porqchops who is actively involved in the running of the business. She made the remark one day that she was his 'office manager'. In one bizarre conversation, I called her in utter frustration once again, and when I told her that her husband was simply not returning my phone calls, she actually flat out laughed. 'Confused'

All in all, we paid Mr and Mrs Porqchops $1,200

Not only do we feel we totally wasted that money, we feel we would have been better off donating the Porqchops Family Foundation a tax deductible sum of $500 cash, on condition that they did NO work, and promised to stay OUT of our lives.

another crash landing/nose plant by ABC – don't fly with this guy


Case #3   'Steam'                   Click here to meet with RESCUE BUILDER # 1    'Clapping'

Mr and Mrs S and G    (Case Complaint filed with Texas Attorney General Office) 'Fly'

Date:  9/20/17   Address: provided    (East Texas)   

Note: I have met this couple at their home  'Winkthumbs'

We agreed our first contract with Mr and Mrs Porqchops on April 6, 2017
and a second contract on May 16th, 2017

1) contract dated April 6, 2017
Summary of work agreed:  
Remove all plumbing and replace same
Put a grey water trap in
Remove all carpet and overlay on floors and replace with laminate flooring except for bathroom which will be vinyl.
Also install a swimming pool, liner provided by us.
Price agreed: $8,500.

Monies paid up front: $4,250 (allegedly for material)  
Agreement for another $4,250 to be paid upon satisfactory completion.

An additional $1,000 was advanced up front for the following reason: Mr Boris told us a sad story, namely that Lowe's had overcharged his card by $4,000, and were being extremely difficult returning his funds. He asked therefore for another advance of $1,000. We agreed to pay him this, to help him out. So he could make payroll, he said.
This left us owing him only $3,250.

2) Contract #2 dated May 16th, 2017
Paid: $2,250 up front (allegedly for material)      (out of a total $4,650)

Summary of work agreed:  leveling house, replace all hollow core cinder blocks with solid cinder blocks, and where ever yellow pine wood was touching the ground, he was to replace same with solid cinder blocks.
The work was not even remotely completed to our satisfaction.
The first contract was supposed to be done in 14 days, which would have therefore completed on April 20th, 2017. The second contract was supposed to be completed in three days, which would have seen  completion on May 19th.
On contract # 1 failures to complete were as follows:
He has not completed ANY of the work to satisfaction. The hot and cold water supply was supposed to be replaced with all new PEX piping. This was only partially done, a small part, in a very sloppy and misleading manner. The new PEX piping is actually lying on the ground, and he did not remove the existing piping. He just left all the old piping. He cut the old piping in a few more easily visible places, interjected some PEX piping into the old piping lines, to make it look as if he had done the job. But this was obviously staged for our benefit.  

The grey water: he was supposed to replace all the system. And install a grey water trap. In fact, he didn't replace any of the existing grey water lines, he simply tied into them, and tied a trap into them. Which he had to come back and try and repair (it leaked all over the place) no less than SEVEN times. At the end of which multiple attempts, it still didn't work. The material that was used for the grey water lines was material I already had here. The only thing he bought for that was some fittings. I felt that this was also carefully “staged ” to make it look to me as if he had honored his contract.
When I say “all the system ” this includes the toilet system. He didn't do anything on it.  With the exception of a place right at the septic tank. Which still leaks.
As a result of his transparent attempts to make it look as if he had done the work as agreed, we are left with a far worse situation than what we started out with. Underneath the house is now permanently wet and smelly, and an unpleasant pungent odor creeps constantly into the house. It also leaks dirty water into my neighbor's yard. I cannot use my washer and dryer, because it overloads my system and causes leaks and blockages. I therefore have to drive into (local town) to do my washing at the washeteria. We now cannot flush toilet tissue down the toilet, because it also overloads the system. Instead, we have to collect the toilet tissue elsewhere. This is smelly, unpleasant and degrading.
I feel I have been maliciously taken advantage of. We spent a total of $5,250 in good faith up front on this contract #1. I feel we have been cynically defrauded due to non-performance of contractual obligations.
He told us he had already ordered the flooring a week after we gave him the money (around the 12th of April), and this is September 19th, and we have yet to see sight nor sound of this mythical flooring. He just simply took our money and ran.
For our contract #1 he had Mrs G go out and buy linoleum flooring for the bathroom, despite the fact that we had already given him $5,250 up front. The price of the linoleum was $227.
He has never even remotely started the pool assembly, which was a reward for my girls, to be used this last summer, in recognition of their good grades. We are bitterly disappointed with this failure, as we have broken the hearts of our little girls.
This we are told constitutes 'theft by contract'.  And crosses the line from civil to criminal.  'Steam'

Contract # 2 was for house levelling.  
We paid $2,250. He allegedly purchased 120 foot of 4 by 6 beams and allegedly 65 solid cinder blocks. He claimed the wooden beams underneath my house were cracked. At the time, we took his word for it.
He was also supposed to build a pad to support the safe. This was never done.
He only did a small fraction of the leveling work required. What he did was little more than a token effort. To our surprise, his daughter, E. Porqchops, turned up on our door step, asking for money. She had been sent in an attempt to collect full payment, i.e.$2,400.   What was even more strange was the fact that the entire crew were lined up behind her, obviously expecting to be paid by Miss Porqchops in turn. (From the beginning, we kept hearing grumbling from the workers that they had trouble getting paid).  We explained that the work was not even remotely completed to our satisfaction. It had barely even been started. We do not understand why he would send his daughter to attempt to collect.

What was wrong was just about everything, and we have many photos and even a video to prove our case. We still have yellowpine wood touching the ground. We still have hollow and cracked cinder blocks. And we still have a hopelessly un-level house.  Combined with his total failure as described above to address the grey water issue, and therefore the fact that the house underneath is wet and smelly, we now have cracked and hollow cinder blocks steadily sinking into the ground. Thus further aggravating the situation.
After Mr Porqchops' “intervention ” we are not only NOT better off than when we started. We are considerably WORSE off. (And considerably poorer).

We feel magnificently cheated and taken advantage of. When we first met Mr and Mrs Boris about three years ago, through our daughters playing basket ball, our girls spent time over there. They seemed at first a very nice couple. When Boris sadly told us he had been hurt with a $40,000 bad debt last year, we were anxious to help him with his business.  He is a real charmer, and he is perfectly capable of walking in here even today, with a big smile, inviting our girls over to spend time with his.   
We would appreciate something occurring, so he does not continue to prey on other people, including elderly and vulnerable folk. We have been hearing many stories about vulnerable and elderly people in the same boat.

Note: an attorney was consulted. The costs of litigation were estimated to run to many thousands, with an uncertain outcome of recovery, due to this builder having no significant visible assets. No action taken.


Case #4   'Steam'

Mr and Mrs K and T    (Case Complaint filed with Texas Attorney General Office) 'Fly'

Date:  9/23/17   Address: provided    (East Texas)

Note: I have met this couple at their home  'Winkthumbs'

We contracted with Mr and Mrs Boris Porqchops in early June 2017, for the following work:

1.Connect an aerobic system to the septic tank
2.Hook in a breaker for the stove
3.Install a ceiling fan   (provided by us)
For this work, he quoted $350 for the septic tank
$100 labor for installing the breaker for the stove
He said he would throw the ceiling fan in for no charge.

He demanded to be paid up front, because he said he had to buy materials.

Results of Mr Porqchops' handiwork:  'King'

A)  Ceiling fan:   the fan came with a detailed set of instructions, and a separate switch to allow it to have a variable speed. We have been given to understand this is quite a common feature, and is most widely used. Despite this fact, and the fact that electricians have since told us that this is a most common installation and should be easily done, to our surprise, Mr Boris did not know how to install this fan. As a result of this, the fan only runs at one speed. High speed. Flat out, to where the blast of air blows paper all over the place. We like to burn air wick candles for a nice smell, but in the hurricane force wind, they blow hopelessly out. The cat, wisely, refuses point blank to enter. To our amazement, Mr David laird, when we pointed this out, replied as follows:

“Oh, you don't need that feature…! ”  'Boring'

What he had actually done, was to ignore the enclosed instructions, and discard the provided 'control box with speed control'. He had taken the simple, easy route, and simply wired the variable speed fan into an existing on/off switch.  So all you can do is switch the variable speed fan ON or OFF. Full bore or nothing. No apologies.  'F***You'

B) The stove saga
Mrs T bought a stove off one of Mr Porqchop's employees, a Mr Jason. Mr Jason is actually his  foreman. We wanted this 220 volt stove installed. Mr Boris installed it with

a 220 volt breaker, attached to a 110 volt line.   'Headshake'

It worked after a fashion for five days. Then, on the morning of the sixth day, it died a spectacular death. We contacted Mr Boris and Mr Jason repeatedly, but they would not even answer our phone calls. So we now were faced with having wasted money buying the stove that had now become garbage, and wasted more money ($100) for a truly ludicrous piece of electrical non-wiring.
Mr K only can find 15 hours a week work at the Dollar store, for minimum wage, so this kind of loss hurt us badly.  He is bringing home about $100 a week. Mrs T stays home to look after our two small children aged two and four. So this has really set us back.


So, you may wonder, how many more cases are there out there? Dozens? Hundreds, more like it. We can't list all the 'submissions' here on the opening page, (it would start becoming tedious almost) but we will organize an attached folder elsewhere in due course to list everybody, and we strongly encourage you to contact us. (francismeyrick@yahoo.com) 'Worship' (Don't get mad – get even). Moving along, in order to keep the narrative flowing, let's look at case #5. MY case. Which benefits from a detailed Home Inspector's Report. Yes, exact same builder as the four cases above.  Team Boris Porqchops, at your service. Kinda.    

Team Boris Porqchops, at your service. Kinda.


Case #5   'Steam'

Kerrygold LLC    (Case Complaint filed with Texas Attorney General Office) 'Fly'

Date:  9/23/17   Address: provided    (East Texas)

Note: I know this guy – it's ME  'Winkthumbs'

So my company has spent the best part of:   $30,000 …with this hombre, and what have we got for it? Answer: NOTHING++++  A job where EVERYTHING is so inadequately (not) done, or fraudulently and cynically  misrepresented as having been done, when it was NOT done, that I have been advised to DEMOLISH the house and start all over again. Literally every single thing he did was an encyclopedia on how to SWINDLE a customer. The art (?) of 'staging' things to where it LOOKS like it's done, when in fact, very little has been done. And that very little has been done BADLY. The motive is PURE FRAUD. The plot, well rehearsed over many a year, is to HIDE behind inadequate laws that PROTECT the bad guy. Once he can say that he "started" a project, he's (seemingly) home and dry. After that, a disinterested local Police Chief, and a lazy/insincere D/A official, are only too eager to effectively give the bad guy MAXIMUM protection, by refusing to even consider CRIMINAL misrepresentation. It's "CIVIL" so-called, and the stunned consumer is left with no recourse. He can go to an attorney, be quoted thousands of dollars, and realize he will pour MORE thousands of dollars down a dark, black hole. Not surprisingly, people give up. The bad guy, laughing all the way to a secret hole in the ground, or a musty mattress somewhere, learns from experience that he need only do a TOKEN effort. The consumer can cry and wail, complain and go mad, but the bad guy shrugs his shoulders. Mostly, after a few weeks (or a month or two), of angry attempted phone calls (which he ignores, see the above statements), he can relax. Home free.  It doesn't matter that the various jobs were presented as DONE, when they were NOT. It doesn't MATTER that the 1950's era electrical wiring was NOT replaced, as required. He can blatantly PATCH into the old wiring  (see my home inspector's report below), and he can BLATANTLY RISK a massive house fire (see my home inspector's report below), the fact is NOBODY CARES. It doesn't matter that he takes money for leveling a house, and then doesn't do it. NOBODY CARES. Except the defrauded home owner.

Oh, and the HONEST tradesmen… who see their HONEST bids massively UNDERCUT by CROOKS who have NO INTENTION of doing the job properly. Maybe you can read some of that frustration in this letter from such a builder, after he had inspected my house…


                 Poppy's Crew
                              208 Vlasek Drive
                            Hemphill, Texas 75948

Mr. Francis,
Upon inspection of your house at 650 Barber Street I have discovered that not some but all of the work performed by your former contractor is either of substandard craftsmanship or incomplete.
Exterior hardy board siding was installed on top of foam board insulation and improperly attached to the house. This is not how the manufacture suggests this product should be installed therefor the hardy board that has been installed on the exterior walls of the house has no warranty and a shortened lifespan. There is no repairing what siding has been installed on the house and removing it will destroy the board and make it unusable. The only way to correct this problem is to remove the hardy board wallboard, trim and foam board and replace it with new hardy board wallboard and trim. The three main reasons behind the appearance of the exterior of the house are:
1. The house was not level when the siding was installed.
2. Second the exterior of the house was not properly repaired or wrapped.
3. Last but not least the quality of the craftsmanship is way below standard.

The house was not leveled or wrapped before the windows were installed. The windows will have to be uninstalled the house leveled and wrapped the windows installed properly and taped.  The fact that the windows were installed before the houses was leveled means it is suggested that the interior and exterior trim is removed and all fasteners but the bottom and top corners of the window flange be removed before the house is leveled. This will ease the stress on the windows while the house is being leveled.   When the house has been leveled the windows can be removed and reinstalled as exterior walls of the house are being repaired and wrapped.
The sheetrock throughout the house is in fair shape and incomplete as the house sets now.  When the house is leveled the sheetrock will crack and have to be repaired and completed. When the sheetrock is repair and completed the interior of the house will have to be painted again.
The laminated flooring in the house was also installed improperly. The flooring is installed tight to the wall in places and incomplete in others. It appears that no padding was installed under the flooring as called for in the manufactures installation instructions. The laminated floor boards were seated heavily causing the butted ends to buckle upwards. There is no repairing this damage the boards can only be removed and replaced. With there being no padding under the laminated flooring and the multiple butted ends that are damaged there is no saving any of the flooring and needs to be completely removed and replaced.
The cabinets in the kitchen are not standard height or width nor well-constructed. With there being only eight feet of cabinets built it would be advisable to demolish them then install prefab upper and lower cabinets with either a Formica or tiled counter top. There is no 220 volt plug for a stove or is there a designated 120 volt plug for the refrigerator in the kitchen.  The two passage ways in the kitchen are of arch design and constructed with poor craftsmanship and should be demolished and made square to match the rest of the house. The flooring is also not glued down properly and should be removed and replaced.
The lower paneling materials are of low quality and incomplete and with most of the electrical in the walls incomplete it would be feasible to remove the low grade paneling  complete wall electrical and install a better grade paneling on the lower section of the wall. The trim throughout the house has been installed incorrectly there are gaps in the miter joints, trim boards like door stops are used as chair rail and luan sub-flooring used as paneling. It would best to remove all the trim throughout the house then install better quality trim.  
There are multiple electrical and plumbing issues that need to be addressed when the demolition of the interior is complete. The hot water heater needs to be relocated from the master bathroom to the utility room.  There are no drain lines connected to the shower, tub, sinks or toilets. The supply lines are laid under the house with none of them going through the floor and connecting to the outlet. Electrical wires are just lying under the house. There are plugs that have no wire ran to them and other areas with wires and no plugs. Some material money can be saved by back tracking the wiring and completing the wiring.   With the moving of the hot water heater and relocation of the toilets, vanities and sinks it would be best to remove what rough in supply line that are under the house now and start anew.
There is a return HVAC closet located in the master bedroom. This is a new one on me. Not only would this make it difficult to sleep.  There is a solid door on the master bedroom which will restrict air flow, greatly reduce the efficiency of the unit and greatly reduce the lifespan of the unit from all the extra work it will have to do maintain a temperature in the unit. There is room in the hall bath to relocate the HVAC air handler to that bathroom or it can be relocated to the attic. This would allow the air handler to draw air from the hallway unrestricted.  
Due to the cost of getting to a starting point to start with the renovations on this structure. It is recommended to demolish the whole structure and start from the ground.

Latrent Matthew Elliott Jr

Owner, Poppy's Crew  


If the last sentence recommending demolition, "and start from the ground all over again" (and kissing goodbye to $30,000) seems none too cheerful to you, wait until you read through the 47 PAGE HOME INSPECTOR's REPORT below. Now the real revelations jump out at you, and with a great number of really good quality photographs to support his writing, this home inspector (Mr Ben Higgs, 409-2232056) pulls no punches. It makes for fascinating and revealing reading. The question you can ask yourself after reading that report, dear reader, is this:

Did David and Brandy Laird, of 'ABC Homeworkz' innocently make a few slip ups? Minor stuff?
Nobody's perfect?  Or, on the contrary, did they cold-bloodedly set out to deceive,swindle, embezzle and defraud? Is there a PATTERN here? A bit of a RACKET?

Let's go through the Home Inspector's report below in detail, step by step…  It's going to take a while.  First, let's give you a link to the ENTIRE 47 PAGE Home Inspection Report, should you care to read through it. It was set up by my coder from a secure/trusted source. No virus worries.  Here you go:   Click to see PDF


10/3/17   But first, we move on with Case #6.  And I have now spoken or personally MET WITH  TWELVE different cases. Indeed, tomorrow I have an appointment with yet another victim of 'ABC Homeworkz', a couple in their seventies…

(to be continued…)

10/3/17   Case #6   'Steam'

Kerrygold LLC    (Case Complaint filed with Texas Attorney General Office) 'Fly'

Date:  9/23/17   Address: provided    (East Texas)

Note: I know this guy – it's ME  'Winkthumbs'

So I also own a duplex in Hemphill. Each apartment, as you would expect, has its own electric supply, and its own electric meter. Right? A few days ago, one of the two tenants moved out, giving me proper notice, fine fellow, and he then had the electric turned off to his apartment, apartment 'A'. Normal procedure, right? Not quite…

Got a phone call from the remaining tenant in apartment 'B'. Nice elderly gentleman, handicapped, pays his rent as reliable as Rosie O'Donnell making me mad, but he sounds puzzled. All of a sudden, he says, his living room lights don't work, nor his stove or microwave. His freezer comes on, his bedroom light comes on, but the bedroom sockets are dead. And he has to be real careful going to the bathroom, because the power is off there as well. No hot water of course. WTF…???  'Speaking'
It soon emerges that the 'electrician' who recently "re-wired" my duplex, HOPELESSLY F@#K'D UP the circuits. In fact, it's so messed up, we're having trouble even figuring out WHAT THE HELL he has DONE. All we can do to help our struggling tenant in Apartment 'B' is to pay to have the electric in APARTMENT 'A' TURNED BACK ON+++

And WHO, you may ask, is the (…. CENSORED……CLOWN….CENSORED…) who did this???

NEED YOU ASK…??????  'Noooo' 'Noooo' 'Noooo' 'Noooo'

DAVID LAIRD/a.k.a. DAVID SELF/ a.k.a.DAVID CARTER… of ABC HOMEWORKZ+++++++  'Yes''Yes''Yes'

Well, I guess we can always give him a call? I'm sure he'll resort to running, like he always does. Just an open question which way the fat little fellow will waddle…

So, given the MULTIPLE cases described above, across MULTIPLE HOUSEHOLDS, of (errr….) MINOR TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES with ABC Homeworkz' electrical re-wiring services
Question: what was it the Home Inspector said in his 47 page report (link above) about Mr Laird/Self/Carter's electrical wiring…?? 'Speaking'

Oh, yes. We remember. Here, on page number 38.

Page 38  (of 47) of the Home Inspector's Report   'Steam'


  A.  Service Entrance and Panels
Comments:  Service entrance conductors are copper Main disconnect is 200 amps.
The weather-head is unsecured,
None of the breakers are sized appropriately
(Several circuits have 30 Amp breakers running 14 Gage conductors) 14 AWG conductors (wires) should be run by 15 Amp breakers
Or the conductors run by the 30 Amp breakers should be 10 Ga.
One other circuit Has a 20 Amp breaker on a 14 Ga conductor.
This is still too large for the conductor.  12 Ga is required for 20 Amp service. Yet another circuit has a 60 amp breaker running a 12 Ga conductor A 6 Ga conductor is required for 60 Amp service.
These conditions are very dangerous.  The breakers are designed to shut off The power well before the wires in the walls get hot enough to cause a fire. I recommend having a licensed electrician look at this system and rework the panel.

What? The inspector must be mistaken. It can't be possible that Mr Laird/Self/Carter doesn't know his BREAKERS from his elbows? His WIRE GAGES from his knobbly knees…? You know, MINOR STUFF???  Having charged $3,900 to rewire my whole house, I'm now being told "NONE OF THE BREAKERS ARE SIZED APPROPRIATELY"?? And "THESE CONDITIONS ARE VERY DANGEROUS"??   We are in danger of the HOUSE BURNING DOWN????  'Puke'

Well, that's what we are reading, folks. 'Steam'

another crash landing/nose plant by ABC – this guy does not even HAVE a license

Page 41 (of 47) of the Home Inspector's Report   'Steam'

B. Branch Circuits, Connected Devices, and Fixtures
Type of Wiring: Copper non-metallic sheathed cable with elements of very old Knob and tube type
Conductors being used in the attic and walls.
Comments: Old wiring is being used in the attic and in the walls. This in combination with the mismatched breakers create a very dangerous condition.
The kitchen is required to have at least 2, 20 Amp circuits, and
Each bathroom, and the laundry room are required to have 1, 20 Amp circuit. The 14 Ga conductors are not adequate to support this. There are several rooms with no light switches, and no rooms with lights mounted.

You mean, you mean… 'ABC Home Destructionworkz' instead of replacing ALL the old 1950's wiring, merely took the easy route and half-ass PATCHED IN TO IT…?? Creating a "very dangerous condition" in the attic and the walls…?  Who in their right minds would PATCH IN to wiring that is 70 years old, when you HAVE BEEN PAID TO RE-WIRE THE WHOLE HOUSE…? Well, answer:  THIS guy.  'Yes'

David Laird/ David Self/ David Carter / David Porqchops

Nah. I hear you say. Nobody does that. You, Mister Francis, must be exaggerating. 'Headshake'
Do you have PROOF?  Like, PHOTOS???

Yes I jolly well do. You want to see photos? Proof? Proof that this clown cut every corner available to man just to make a fast buck, and to HELL with the consequences for me, the home owner? Never mind some unfortunate tenant renting that house off me in good faith, fast asleep at night, and next thing the old 1950's wiring in the walls and attic decides to spontaneously COMBUST…?

Coming up… Watch this place. 'Steam'

The weather-head is only secured on the right side, and those screws
aren't even tight.
  (Home Inspector comment – page 38)

12 Ga wire on 60 Amp breakers, and 14 Ga wire on 30 Amp breakers. (Home Inspector comment – page 39)

Two knockout covers missing.  If these spaces are not being used then the covers must be replaced.  (Home Inspector Comment – p.39)

(under construction)  (there's going to be more) (LOTS more) (with photos)   'Yes'

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