The Coming European Civil War (8) – Maria Ladenburger

Posted on January 28, 2017

Henriette Reker, Mayor of Cologne, arm's length inventor

The Coming European Civil War

Part 8:   Maria Ladenburger

        “You asked me the other night if I could kill a man. I've been thinking about it.
I think I've reached a conclusion. ”  

       The Old Man stopped typing quietly away at the coffee stained keyboard. He turned around, his expression neutral, and observed his young house guest. His voice was gentle, and he spoke thoughtfully.
        “What have you decided? “
There was a pause. Gustav seemed to be studying the faded cream carpet carefully. He sighed.

        “I've decided that the system in Europe is breaking down, but very few people will admit it. Least of all Big Government, and Big Government supporters. We still seem to have this widespread, almost child-like faith in the basic goodness of Government. And indeed, the wisdom of Government. It's like there is this widespread assumption that if people are elected into power, they must know what they are doing. That's a dangerous fallacy. But an even more dangerous fallacy is one that elected politicians make. Namely that, simply because they are elected, they now suddenly, magically possess all the knowledge and skills required to make decisions on all sorts of matters. Maybe because they read a book or two, a white paper here and an internal memo there, NOW -hey, presto!- they are able to run the Banks better than the Bankers, Hospitals better than Doctors, build roads and bridges better than Engineers, and sit in supreme judgment of what is good for the country as a whole, better than the common, ordinary plebs who live there… It kind of makes me mad. “

The Old Man nodded sympathetically.

       Gustav plunged on. “Sweden in the early 1970's was a homogeneous, peaceful culture. Extremely low crime rates. All on their own, the elected fools decided to deliberately turn Sweden into a multi-cultural paradise. A New Utopia.  A triumph of self proclaimed wisdom and foresight. And the sheeple went meekly along with it. I don't think there was a voice raised in protest inside parliament. The decision was unanimous. There was no Enoch Powell, to stand up and warn of unseen dangers. Standing bravely against howls of outrage, with fools competing against one another, to see who could muster the worst indignation. And look what they've done to a once peaceful country… “

His voice trailed off, and his teeth clenched.   “What do you think, Victor? “

       The Old Man pondered. At length, his reply was soft:    “Gustav, it doesn't matter what I think. It's what you think that matters now. You, and your brothers-in-arms. I'm here as a sounding board. To help you develop your own thinking. In the final analysis, your leadership know only too well the range of furious, relentless forces aligned against you all. They recognize the ever present and extreme dangers of infiltration, electronic surveillance, micro recording devices, and DNA forensic techniques. They know that if the Sons of Wodan are to survive as a viable, effective and growing organization, that the many individual cells need to be given a lot of autonomy.  To be able to survive the State sponsored destruction of cells on steps above your own, as well as below. To be able to make tactical decisions locally, within a strategic General Plan. I'm not here to feed you doctrine. I'm here to make sure you see clearly into the Long Dark. Because… “

He sighed quietly. And a momentary look of intense reflection passed across his face.

        “Because, my young friend, that is exactly where you and your countrymen are now heading. “
It was Gustav's turn to nod in agreement. “I know it. Europe's politicians are crazy. Angela Merkel had already been in power way too long when she made that bullshit open-door commitment. She wasn't thinking. She certainly wasn't consulting with anybody. She believed her own hype. She suffers from massive delusions of her own wisdom and farsightedness. She has single handedly achieved the unthinkable: the coming destruction of Europe as we know it. And its native people. “

The Old Man interjected: “Are you sure she was single-handed? “

       Gustav was silent. There was anger in the set of his jaw. He was thinking of Maria Ladenburger.

Maria Ladenburger

Maria Ladenburger the idealist. The believer in people. Kind hearted, gentle, compassionate. Medical student, migrant home volunteer. Daughter of a prominent European Union official. Starting Life. Full of Hope and Promise.

      Raped and murdered.

By a recently-arrived, purportedly 17-year-old migrant from Afghanistan. With a criminal record.  What angered Gustav the most was the Media silence. The refusal by German State Media to air the story. The pitiful excuses offered. It was “too regional “.  They didn't “comment on individual stories “. The actual intent was crystal clear. As always, to keep from the unsuspecting German public the true scale of the rape and crime epidemic, since mass immigration began.  But the German people just kept on putting up with the unforgivable. The mass rapes in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2015, when over one thousand women had been assaulted, had been kept quiet for a week. The lack of news could have endangered many other women. Even after a week, the news had only come out because of pressure from Breitbart London, and other so-called alternative news sites. Who, Gustav wondered, were the REAL news sites? Certainly not the Government sanctioned media, or the office of the insane, Far Left, fervently pro-immigration Madam Mayor of Cologne. Henriette Reker. Who had initially raged indignantly against the suggestion that the perpetrators were North African refugees. Who had then put insane pressure on the Head of Police to keep quiet. Followed by an equally asinine victim blaming. In her deluded logic, the women should have just kept the men “at arm's length ” and all would have been well…

“Victor, did you read about the Mayor of Cologne? “

“Yes. Henriette Reker. The arm's length proponent. “

“Did you know there was an assassination attempt on her? Some guy chopped her neck with a knife in October 2015. Put her in intensive care. “

“I read about it. That's how she got narrowly elected. Sympathy vote, and her opponent withdrew like a gentleman. She shamelessly grabbed the opportunity. Mad woman. “

“To answer your question:  Firstly, Merkel had lots of help. There is a whole team of Henriette Rekers out there. All part of the Merkel Mutual Admiration Society basking in their own virtuous morality. In their deranged minds, because they think they are so morally superior, it's perfectly okay to lie and cheat, suppress news that their citizens have a right to know, and bluster and bully their way rough shod over dissenting opinion. Tout est permis aux heros. It's ridiculous, and I'm sick of it. “

He paused for breath. His teeth clenched momentarily.

“Deep down, I know I could kill the so-called teenager who dragged Maria Ladenburger off her bicycle, and raped and murdered her. And then threw her body in a river. “

He got up, walked over to the table, and selected a shiny black semi-automatic. He deftly checked there was no magazine. Then, expertly, he checked there was no round in the chamber. Weighing the weapon in his hands, he continued thoughtfully, aware of how much he had learned already in a mere ten days:

“The man who raped and killed Maria Ladenburger deserves to die.  If I got the chance, I would do it. In a heart beat. The fact that he is now shielded and his anonymity is protected, because he claims to be a teenager, is just a measure of how far the insane Left will go to inflict their warped vision on Europe. They even used that poor girl's funeral as a fundraising event to raise money for more immigrants. Their excuse was that she would have wished that, because she was pro- mass immigration… “

He walked over to the window, and aimed the empty weapon at a distant imaginary target. His finger moved slowly to the trigger.

“And as far as the assassination attempt goes on Henriette Reker, the mad and twisted, delusional Mayor of Cologne. Who doesn't give a flying fig about the safety of her own citizens, as long as her immigrant Utopia takes place, all I can say is, that it's a shame her attacker used a knife. He tried hard, but he obviously didn't have access to one of these … “

There was a dry 'click' as the firing pin closed on an empty chamber. The trigger, squeezed off carefully, never disturbed the rock steady, unwavering aim of the black muzzle.
He turned to the Old Man, who sat, silently watching and listening.

“And all I can say about that omission and lack of equipment is one thing. “

His eyes were hard.

“Pity. “

(to be ctd)

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