The Coming European Civil War(6) – Fists and pickaxe handles

Posted on January 23, 2017

B Special (reserve Police) throwing a Molotov Cocktail into a Catholic house

The coming European Civil Wars

Part 6:  Fists and pickaxe handles

       It was the following evening, and once again Gustav was sitting thoughtfully in the Old Man's study. Another full glass of wine reflected a dull Burgundy, and implied the arrival of another quiet, but thoughtful conversation.
The Old Man was reading emails, and occasionally typing replies. His expression was thoughtful, but unflustered. When at length he turned to face Gustav, he recognized in the young man's earnest face a query.
“Well, Gustav, you have a question…?”
The eyes seemed to hint at amusement.  Gustav gathered his thoughts. Then he plunged right on in.
“I'm not the first one to come here, am I?”
The Old Man smiled.
“No, you're not.”
Gustav continued: “How many have been here?”
“Does it matter?”
Gustav nodded. “Yes, it matters.”
The question came softly, without a trace of hostility.
“Because… because I feel I'm on the verge of a very important decision. That will affect the entire rest of my life. I want to know how many are in it with me. To this degree of… commitment.”
There was a long silence. At length, Victor spoke. When he did so, he was looking out the window, into the middle distance. He spoke softly, in an almost dream-like tone, as if he was looking somewhere in the far-off distance.
“Gustav, you are right to wonder. But I warn you: you will always wonder. The road you are on is long and lonely, and it takes you to an even lonelier place. It's the price you are being asked to pay. For your people, for your country, for your culture. For your children, and your grandchildren. But there is an even greater price you might pay one day, when it is too late, if you do nothing now. That is the price of watching tragedy unfold, unimaginable horrors occur, whilst you know that in your life, you chose to do nothing.”
Gustav found himself nodding in agreement.
After a pause, Victor continued, in the same half-talking, half-musing style.
“Gustav, face reality. It's harsh. I know, I've been where you are at now. But you are too intelligent, too far seeing, to comfort yourself with the lies and one-quarter truths that are so persistently barfed out by a spineless, bought-and-paid for Mass Media establishment.  Call it for what it is. It's a Muslim invasion. This time they are not galloping in on horses, wielding swords and spears, but it's still just a continuance of an old obsession. Islamic imperialist invasions resulted in at least 548 battles on European soil between the 8th and 19th centuries; over 200 battles were fought in Spain alone. Muslims would attack coastal towns, kill, rob, rape and enslave. More than one million European slaves were taken out of Europe and sold into the Islamic world. This was Jihad. This time around, once again, the old, 7th century enemy makes no secret of its intent to wholly subjugate the continent of Europe. And STILL, the elected politicians refuse to face the facts. Despite the rabid, vocal hate preachers, despite their hate filled Qu'ran, despite History, despite the open actions of dedicated Islamists, despite terrorist attacks, despite brutal rape crimes sky rocketing,  despite overwhelming statistics that these people consist overwhelmingly of low I.Q. borderline retards, mostly illiterate and unskilled, destined to never work, and live only off massive welfare, whilst raising extended families, all on the taxpayer's dime, despite all that, Europe's senile Elite, like Hure Merkel,  wish only to ACCOMMODATE and APPEASE these invaders in any way they can manage. EVEN, at the expense of their own people…”
Gustav, listening intently, noticed that the Old Man was calm, and soft spoken, despite the quiet passion of his words.
There was a certain sadness in the eyes.
“Gustav, you have to find your own road. You, and many others like you, have arrived at a set of crossroads. You already know that a furious Leftist and Defeatist, Quisling Government has turned its back on its own people. European Governments and their agents have abdicated their duty to protect their citizens. Not only have they abdicated their sacred, centuries old responsibilities, they are now actively collaborating with the Enemy, and furiously covering up hate crimes, rape statistics and grooming scandals. For far too many defenseless women and children, there is no-one else to turn to.  There is only you, the true Patriot. But know this: The Government and its agents, the corrupt Police, the Social Workers looking the other way – for years- and the petty local politicians Virtue Signalling and strutting for the cameras, they will UNITE in their hatred for YOU. They will fall over themselves to heap condemnation on your head. They will slavishly follow orders to indulge in the most one-sided reporting possible. And why? because YOU -if you fight- EXPOSE their weakness. You EXPOSE their HYPOCRISY. You EXPOSE their craven cowardice and impotence in the face of marauding, invading Islam. They will HATE YOU, and throw the full weight of the oppressive Government apparatus at you.”
There was a long silence.
“So far, Gustav, you have wielded fists and pickaxe handles and you have busted heads and kneecaps. You have fought a defensive scrimmage. But the deluge continues. The battle awaits. Like we said before, it's time to take the fight to the enemy.  Make no mistake. They are armed, and they are arming every day. We have seen their murderous gun rampages. You can't face that with fists and pickax handles…”
Gustav found himself nodding. The logic was unassailable.
“Gustav, many people still would dearly like to trust their Governments. But the faithful believers are steadily falling away. Even the Mass Media working overtime can no longer cover up the scale of the crimes of the invaders. You are the last hope. Young men like you. Which leads me on to the next question I need your reasoned answer to:

“What constitute legitimate targets?”

Gustav sighed deeply. And tried to wrap his tired mind around the last question he would have willingly requested.

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