European Civil War – Preparation

Posted on January 21, 2017

European Civil War – Preparation

In response to an article on the website www.europeancivilwar.com

(here is the link to the article concerned)

I replied as follows:  


I agree that “observing and lamenting” has been the sad funeral march of the last two decades. Lots of laments. Lots of hand wringing. Lots of extrapolation.  You write: “I try to keep this site focused as much as possible on preparation, action, and strategy.”   Really. If that is true, then you will have to allow a certain uncomfortable ingredient (to many people) to assert its presence on your website. Or censor it. It's up to you. That uncomfortable, PC incorrect ingredient is the question of:

Fire arms.

The acquisition thereof. The training, distribution, and logistics issues.
If we take that plunge, and assume that many Swedes would rather stand and fight, rather than cower and surrender, then we can reasonably forecast an unmerciful attempted clamp down from the Political Establishment, and howls of hysterical outrage from the Left Wing Media. We all know that the Muslims are given a free pass, over and over again, (DEATH TO SWEDEN, DEATH TO DEMOCRACY, SHARIA WILL DOMINATE, MUSLIM AREAS, etc, etc) but that the alleged 'Far Right' gets thrown into jail and vilified in print for a TINY FRACTION of what the firebrand radical Imam easily gets away with. Appeasement, when it fails, seems to rev up into a crescendo of self righteous attack on anyone who has a different opinion. I'm wryly amused by Left Wing Politicians and Talking Heads who manage to wrap abject, grovelling surrender to Islam into the stirring mantle of a crusade of Moral and PC Righteousness. And then they expect us all to meekly fall for it. The cowardly, illogical, suicidal, Historically ignorant, luke warm POT calls the emerging, steadily boiling KETTLE by many pejoratives. Far Right, Racist, Xenophobic, ignorant, retarded, unenlightened, mean spirited and Fascist. I just chuckle at the shrill indignation these Left Wing feeble minds manage to muster every time. Given their propensity for outrage (and repressive Government brutality, reminiscent of the worst forms of State Excesses) to introduce an open and frank discussion on 'Preparation, Action and Strategy' might take you to a challenging place…   Still, you stated your intention. I'm taking you up on it. Well, here are some clinically cold observations about fire arms, and the use of Lethal Force.

1.  there has already been gun play and extreme violence & murder by Islamists all over Europe. Terrorist attacks. Who, in their right minds (we do not speak of Left Wing gibbering Governments currently empowered) still believes these are “isolated incidents”, and will not re-occur with increasing frequency? Who, in their right minds, still believes that Islamists are NOT furiously importing and stockpiling fire arms? Who, in their right minds, cannot see that Libby Hand-wringing Governments are HOPING that their docile populations remain lobotomized docile, and are willing to accept escalating terrorist violence as 'the new normal'?  And are you? Seriously? Are you willing to believe in your own mind that a free people SHOULD NOT ARM THEMSELVES to PROTECT THEIR LIBERTY…??
2.  If you are already angry and disgusted with me, then do not read on. It will upset your Snowflake Liberal stomachs. I calmly advocate that Europeans RAPIDLY ARM THEMSELVES, in contravention of their contemptible laws. It doesn't take a genius to figure out this is happening already anyway.
3.  CAUTION: the distribution of illegal weapons in Europe is creating windfall profits for criminal gangs. These same gangs are involved in drug dealing, extortion, human trafficking and many other ills. The last thing a proud European Patriot needs is to enable an effete Government apparatus to lump HIM in together with vicious thugs and extortionists.
4.  But help IS on the way. Already standing at the station actually, if only enough gutsy folk would climb on board. A means by which morally honest and upright European Patriots CAN in fact arm themselves quickly, relatively cheaply, and in the vast quantities required to equip and turn out effective -hence, respected – underground fighting forces.  Capable of fighting, where need by, or, more likely, capable of adding potential 'teeth' to legitimate, negotiated demands. “If you want Peace (and stability, and safety for your women and children) (and grandchildren) BE PREPARED FOR WAR”.  Having guns doesn't necessarily mean you have to use them. The old Colt was not named the “Peacemaker” for nothing.
5.  This 'help' comes via technology. Not even break through technology. Previous century technology, merely increasingly refined. And available much more cheaply than ever before. Computer Numerical Control. CNC technology. A computer linked to a mill. I'm not an authority by any means, but I do have sitting on my desk here in Texas a so-called 80% lower AR 15 receiver. That's the critical part, that 'makes' the fire arm.  (everything else is bolt-on extras, easily available mail order, shipped direct to your door).  Nicely machined, but this 80% AR15 lower receiver is not yet a viable piece of a firearm. It needs finishing, and you can do that, perfectly legally, by simple drilling and use of dremel tools and files. And elbow grease. Amateurs have been legally doing this for decades. NO FFL license required. No Government involvement. There are a ton of videos on youtube describing the legal process. Here's just a sample.  


The next step up is to manufacture a complete AR15 receiver from a billet of aluminum.  Nothing too difficult. here's a video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAdnZ6xsWtU&t=54s  

It is important to note there is a HUGE after market for all the parts required to 'bolt on'. No licenses, no paperwork.

6.  Pistols. Yes, same thing. The ubiquitous Glock series of hand guns ( I own the Glock 21 and Glock 23) has many home buildable derivatives, and one is called the Compact 80.  I have one on order, for study, completion and evaluation.  In complete accordance with all Federal, State and local laws. Same thing, an 80% complete main frame, that the buyer has to finish off himself. Nothing revolutionary, old tech.

7. You can even automate the whole thing. 'Defense Distributed' is marketing the 'Ghost Gunner 2' for $1,500.  I have one on order, for study and evaluation. I might buy myself an advanced $8,000 plus Tormach one of these days as well. For study and evaluation, in complete accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws. The basic Ghostgunner 2 at $1,500 turns out a finished AR-15 lower receiver in about three hours. Here's a video:

Defense Distributed are working on the software to allow buyers to also finish a Sig Pistol.
8.  I emphasize that all these pursuits are perfectly legal in the USA, and there is nothing new or breakthrough here. It's been going on for decades. Hobbyists have been going out forever target shooting and plinking, or hunting, with weapons they have crafted themselves. I shall soon be joining their ranks.  Surely, that's all WHOLLY ILLEGAL in Europe. In Europe, it's ooh-la-la BAD-BAD-BAD to own a GUN for self defense of your good self, and for the protection of your loved ones. Even THINKING ABOUT IT, I'm sure makes you a nasty, mean spirited racist. A 'Far Right' Nazi.


Protecting your wives and daughters from a RAPE EPIDEMIC makes you a nasty, mean spirited, 'Far Right' Nazi…??
Protecting against crazed, I.Q. deficient, inbred, first cousin marrying, illiterate, borderline retards, freshly imported from some disease ridden hell-hole, where they stone women to death for going out unaccompanied, and justify all manner of abominations merely because some equally crazed Imam furiously quotes hate-filled from some cobbled together 7th century plagiarized knock-off, makes YOU A RACIST…?
How long is any able bodied European male willing to even give that sort of so-called “Liberal” (ha!) PC GIBBERISH any worthy consideration?
Is the earth FLAT?
Did Prometheus f#@k it all up when he stole fire from Mount Olympus, and gave it to mankind?
Get a grip.
9. True European patriots will stand up, continue to stand up, and read the Arabic scrawl on the wall. Translated, it says: DEATH TO DEMOCRACY. It's written in freshly spilled blood. No exaggeration, no hyperbole. Blood. IF that lot are already THIS aggressive, hate-filled and intolerant when they are only at THIS PERCENTAGE LEVEL of the population, can you IMAGINE what it will be like if nothing is done and they DOUBLE in size, within a few short years, courtesy of your over-generous welfare benefits?  And limp wristed, asinine Government? Sooner or later, some excuse, maybe some VIDEO, or a CARTOON, and you will have a good old fashioned POGROM on your hands. White genocide. It's going to be a bit late at that stage to say:  “Oops…” and “maybe that Far-Right nasty Nazi Francis Meyrick DID actually have a point…”
10.  Preparation – action – strategy.     Having dealt with re-armament, by ignoring criminal gangs, and turning to CNC technology, widely available already in Europe, Patriots will have prepared. I have a lot more to speculate on what their action and strategy might be, but I will pause here for now… Plus I need to duck all the rotten eggs and verbal abuse, death threats and hate mail about to come my way. Bring it on.

Francis Meyrick

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