The Muslim Man

Posted on November 5, 2016

The Muslim Man

The Muslim Man exhibits qualities that are unfortunately not unique to those of his alleged 'faith', but he provides a genus that counts amongst its depraved cult, percentage wise, a surprisingly high number of utterly useless human beings. Men who, behind the veneer and camouflage of their empty, false, ritualistic 'religiosity', exhibit in copious quantities all those truly nasty aspects of human behavior,  that we so utterly deplore.
Their cockroach-like lives are centered on a selfish blindness to what is noble, good and kind in humanity.  Vast tracts of this troubled world have been ruthlessly ethnically cleansed by Muslims.  This is a mass genocide that continues today, right under your Liberal, bleeding-heart nose.  How many kinder, more gentle tribes and cultures, have thus been systematically displaced from their homes and lands of their ancestors?  How many good and artistic peoples are lost to us forever, courtesy of their inability to defend themselves from the marauding hordes?  To this day, the Armenian genocide, in all its unspeakable horror, is heatedly denied by Turkish politicians, who, adamantly, clamor for full and open admission to European countries.  And the Yazidis, it seems, are abandoned by the West. If anybody deserves sanctuary in the USA, they do. Yet Obama's minions make sure we see none arrive on these shores.
Whilst it is important to recognize that there are many good Muslims, who have found their path to a universal love of Man, it has to be self evident that such a happy circumstance has occurred despite the fundamental teachings of their absurd written dogma.  Their numbers, far too small to effectively lobby for a much needed Muslim Reformation, are further hindered by the legitimate fear of violent retribution from the all powerful extremist (or fundamentalist) elements. Dissenters risk the hysterical Muslim lynch mob, which is itself not driven by the slightest trace of compassion. Rather, we see the rabid mob efficiently at work, baying for blood, exhorting one another to suppress any and all dissent. It is the pack at work, persistently dragging Man back to the bloody, misogynistic, pedophile & unspeakable cruel 7th century.
Man, we say, has no shortage of those whose purpose in Life seems to be only to f**k, sh*t, covet, grasp, steal, destroy, procreate and die. They have no dreams of substance. Their spiritual life, although much vaunted and loudly proclaimed, is actually unutterably dead. Their I.Q. and emotional maturity lead us to much prefer the steadfast company of Nature.  
So what of the future? Despite the lavish gifts that Science and Technology have bestowed upon us, we forecast the steady, slithering slide towards the edge of the gaping abyss. Admit it. Face it. Far below await granite rocks, waiting to pulverize the bodies of Wisdom and Patience, Compassion and Modernity.  Not to mention the bodies of Western Christians naïve enough to blindly ignore what has been done, and continues to be done, elsewhere in this blighted world, in the name of little Mo Hamed, the pedophile rapist, who helped craft one of the most successful mass con tricks ever. Muslim ideology, a cobbled together faux religion, a sick cult, claiming absurd historical impossibilities, has spent 1400 years murdering, deceiving, infiltrating and subjugating, and they have refined the technique to an Art form. They will breed as fast as humanly possible, with as many voiceless, downtrodden wives as possible, despite any consideration of the cost to host nation taxpayers (whom they routinely fleece on an industrial scale), and despite any consideration for the increasing scarcity of land, air, water and energy. The term 'cockroaches' used above is wholly apt, and barely begins to describe the utterly detrimental impact they have on their gullible 'host nations'.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, I have no doubt that the floodgates will be opened to anybody and everybody. The US borders will effectively cease to exist. This nation will be transformed, cynically and deliberately, into a one party fiefdom, a hereditary vassal state of the Clinton Mafia, enabled by their established hangers on and political donors.  
Hillary Clinton is utterly corrupt. Her system is utterly corrupt. Her motivation is entirely egotistical, and the tragedy is that still too many voters -stunningly- STILL trust this harridan. If you thought Obama was bad, with his love of “Executive Orders “, then rest assured his forays into defying Congress constituted merely a trial run. To elect Hillary Clinton is to invite the concentration of power in the hands of a manifestly unworthy individual, who will relish her new found powers and USE them to the full.  It will change America fundamentally, and very much for the worse.  Democrats have already tried to sneak in provisions that would lead to criminalizing criticism of Islam. We don't doubt they would persevere in this misguided and un-American policy. Do you remember who it was who said:
“Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people, who have nothing what-so-ever to do with terrorism. “
If you do NOT remember, I pity you.
If you cannot see what Angela Merkel has insanely done to Germany and Europe, if you cannot see what is happening in Sweden and elsewhere, where we have seen the transformation of a peaceful country into the strife torn rape capital of the world, if you cannot and WILL not entertain the thought that Hillary Clinton will do the same to the USA, then, truly, I pity your naivety and gullibility.  If you elect her, live with the consequences.  

They will be, in a word, calamitous.


Francis Meyrick

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