My Refuge is a Sunlit Sky

Posted on October 21, 2016


My refuge is a Sunlit Sky

No man can wander 'round this globe

A staff in hand and hermit robe

From child-like fresh to well-scarred old

And fail to note so many ills.

He may be brilliant, rich in skills

And never want for bread or gold

But if there lurks a heart beneath

The baking soda white smile teeth

Then surely he will ponder grief

And search at times for sweet relief?

I wonder if you asked me where

I go when all around is noise

If knocking on my creaking gates     

You poked behind the cool and poise

What would you find to give you thought

Assuming that is what you sought?

My refuge is a sunlit sky

Above an ocean, where I fly

Alone and musing, slapping blades,

A thoughtful place where glory fades

Horizons far that seem to call

Like peering down a marble hall

Ten thousand gleams of scattered light

And waves that march right out of sight.

No land, or ship, or man roams here

No hate, nor lust, not even fear

Just day that followed restless night,

Just blue, and grey, and flashing white

The cosmic dance, another Time

The sense that this so simple rhyme

May touch more closely on Life's theme

Than stumbling through my waking dream.

No dogma, laws or preachy meme

Should be allowed upon this scene

A silence reigns upon my stage

The quiet turning of a page.

I loved the burbling, gentle flight

That tried to make an ache come right

The wistful search for a missing spoke

The wheel that turned, although half broke,

I wonder what it was I sought

And that I somehow never caught

I wonder if I'll ever rest

And count those days among my best.

Francis Meyrick

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