The Holocaust Flowery Lie Industry

Posted on April 6, 2021

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AD 2021 – the sad words of Solzhenitsyn – revisited

The Holocaust Flowery Lie Industry

‘Castles of the Holocaust – that, when questioned, instantly evaporate’

How to approach:    trying (your simple best) to understand the (profitable) Holocaust Lie Industry.
Most of us live busy lives. Other stuff going on. Time (and energy) is at a premium.
So, in my tiny mind, I like ‘clarity in thought’. I try (heck, I try) to write ‘readable prose’. My stories and my 7 books on helicopters & flying & my frequent ‘Stupid’, have often received what is for me, an accolade:
“It’s easy to read.”
Why should anything be NOT easy to read? The more wildly obscure the language, the more, (what?), ‘advanced’ and ‘erudite’ it must be? Really? Or are we just prepping the road to snidely proclaim that something was written for ‘academics’ and ‘professionals’. Therefore, you simple-minded peon, it’s quite above YOUR intellectual level. Don’t trouble your tiny mind with things YOU are simply not ‘equipped’ to deal.
Oh, yeah?  Snotty b*st*rd…! Condescending, some?  That’s straying precariously close to THIS:

“Shut up. Be quiet. Don’t ask questions. Just take our learned word for it:  you people are responsible for six million Jewish deaths. You should be ashamed! Be very ashamed! Give generously to the poor survivors….!”

(No. F*ck you. I’ll ask questions if I want to. LOTS of questions.)

That then often, in turn, leads to instant, rather crude accusations of being a goose-stepping Nazi, a Hitler worshiper, and/or dark and ominous statements. The ominous statements? I had one just yesterday.

“If you do not believe that six million Jews were murdered?  Then I wonder if you are part of the problem.”

(What does that even MEAN? If I don’t agree with YOUR assertion, YOUR SOLEMN & STERN INVOCATION of the Holocaust MYTH, then I must somehow be co-responsible for it occurring in the first place? No. I wasn’t even BORN yet. I’m not responsible for the Holocaust, I’m not responsible for black slavery, and anyway, if you dig deeper, the IRISH were brought across to the US as SLAVES in vast numbers. Because they were declared by the British Monarch to be worth less than dogs. Oh, AND, Mordechai, have you checked who ALL actually OWNED those slave ships? The JEWS…)

So then they try and quickly switch tactics into (boy, this gets to be so repetitive and tiresome):

‘Castles of the Holocaust – that, when questioned, instantly evaporate’

I had one the other day. “75% of the Jews who were deported from Holland never returned.”

I immediately asked:  “WHAT do you base that on?”

Annnnnnddddddd:    (silence)    'Boring'

I was waiting for them to mention, tearfully, the ‘Diary of Anne Frank’, and the movies, documentaries, but…. most people DO finally seem to have figured out that it was her father who wrote it. (And made a fortune out of it). (well done, Mordechai)
That fraud is just another exposed fraud and HOAX, on the great big long list of frauds & HOAXES, that were ONCE revered, unquestionable, ICONS of the Holocaust FAITH.

And saying that you heard ‘it’ from somebody, who heard it from the brother of the girlfriend of the shoemaker Jew who was deported, and sadly never came back? Kinda fishy, no?  He’s probably in Israel, happily buried, having raised a whole clan of shoemakers.

Never mind, when you are dealing with such a goose-stepping idiot as Moggy, you can always try baffling him with BIG words. You know, words with more than two syllables. He’s a neo-Nazi. So, apart from being immoral? He’s also stupid, an utter IQ retard, right?

“The Holocaust History is best left to professionals and academics. The dynamic of the spatio temporal indices, and the fluidity of the available literature, aswith the delicate sensitivity of probing hitherto poorly researched aspects of socio-environmental barometers, leads us to allow for a Q-factor spread in the customary, and often precipitate, initial nuances of traumatized survivor reporting.”

(Yes, I wrote that, just for the fun of it. A mischievous moment. Tongue-in-cheek.)   'Fly'

Meh. Readable is good. It’s supposed to be readable, I say.

Switching my attention to the Holocaust, and the fabled ‘Six Million Jews’, (which I once believed in), I started to write with the same bog-Irish simple mindset.  To wit, I wanted to:
A) understand it all better myself
B) write notes for ME (‘cos there’s no way I can remember all that stuff), and also write those notes that may appeal to other busy, sincere, hate-free, ordinary folk. Who really would LIKE to also understand the Holocaust better. But don’t have the time & energy to spend sixteen hours a day slogging through a morass of wordy Verbal Quicksand.
C) and I thought by publishing MY simple notes, others might jump in and help ME better understand what-the-heck.

I don’t have an ‘agenda’ (that I’m aware of), no, I don’t have a large Hitler portrait over my bed, and, no, I don’t diligently practice the goose step. (I’d break my neck, ffs)
I just want to know… what is this thing.  'Speaking'
The ‘suffering of the Jews’ is absolutely not some unique, one-off event in History. That didn’t happen to anybody else, therefore they should be raised forever on a pedestal, massively compensated forever, and forever (by way of White Guilt) be IMMUNE to ANY and ALL legitimate criticism of their (many) off-the-wall actions…!  That’s even if it were TRUE, which, we respectfully submit, It is NOT. A careful weighing of the pesky EVIDENCE?
Shows it is shamelessly hyped into infinity, for crude GAIN.


The ‘suffering of the Jews’ is NOT some unique, one-off event in History.

So, for me, the ‘Holocaust sticking points’ (HSP), (see www.holocaustGAB.com) are simply very basic tools, (sounding boards), with which to measure the truth content of wordy articles, and sweeping ‘Six Million Jews’ MYTH claims.  I’ve listed merely some. There’s lots more ‘sticking points. It just takes time to write them all up. Anybody is welcome to contribute any thoughts or input on the ‘Holocaust Normie challenge list’.  Call it “Holocaust for Dummies” if you like.  Work-in-progress.  Written by a Dummy.

Now when you actually, list in hand, GO to some of these revered, super scholarly, ooh-la-la, Holocaust writers who feverishly (and furiously) PROMOTE the ‘Six Million Jews’? And read (decipher) what they have to say? They don’t even MENTION those ‘sticking points’. That all gets very simply & conveniently ignored. By-passed. Not answered. Instead, they are off on a one-track horse, by the name of ‘Six Million’. And absolutely everything they write? Is  designed to be, get this, as UN-readable for the layman as humanly possible.

And, excuse me, don’t we all wonder why?

I’ve read some of these well-funded, so-called ‘scholarly works’, and, increasingly, I have come to the conclusion that I was being royally bathed in erudite bluster. Commonly referred to as… (uh-huh).

Here is one such. See what you think:
“Quantifying the Holocaust: Hyperintense kill rates during the Nazi genocide”
by Lewi Stone

I’ve read the whole thing, (Lordie!), and I started quoting from it, and comment, here:


I submit it’s a really good example of verbal diarrhea dressed up as ‘honey and herb glazed rack of lamb’. Trying to make it SO complicated, that it’s really just endlessly repeated, pro-Holocaust PROPAGANDA, dressed up behind a smoke screen of highly dubious graphs, and sweeping assumptions.

And thus, constituting, in essence?


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