24. Making babies perfectly explains the missing 'Six Million' – what!?

Posted on April 3, 2021

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24. Making babies perfectly explains the missing 'Six Million' – what!?
      So this 'defense' of the 'Holocaust' has cropped up several times in our little group, but mostly in the form of one-liners. I previously dismissed it, as not being seriously worth attention. Well, blow me down, today said fabulous explanation rolled around yet again, in slightly more detail. So I thought I'd go into it.
( I think that barking naivety of mine has gotten me into more trouble than I can recount)

Our contributor wrote:

“High birth rate – a birth rate of just 3% would mean that population would double every 23 years.
Communists use the same technique and argument to dismiss claims millions died in the Soviet GULAG system.”

I had to think about what he was saying. It came across to me, (paraphrased for clarity), as:

“The 6,000,000 Jews murdered because of the gas chambers and the evil Germans DID really happen. Now the reason it does not show up in the population census records? Of the 1930's, just before the war, and the mid to late 1940's, just after the war? Compiled from different sources, including Jewish?
That's simple: Birth rate.”

And we are supposed to go: “Birth rate??”   'Confused'

And then, all knowledgeable, he can add:  “Well, yes, a birth rate of just 3% would mean that the population would double every 23 years.”

So, then, while we are all moon-eyed, amazed at his magnificent knowledge, ready to rush off to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, to tearfully make a donation?
He can add in, persuasively, by way of the final nail in the coffin of these terrible Holocaust Deniers?
“Communists use the same technique and argument to dismiss claims millions died in the Soviet GULAG system.”

Case closed, right?
Nope. Hang on here. Just. One. Cotton-picking. SECOND.  'Hooligan'

I lifted this entry out of my previous notes, numbered 16-1.   Click HERE

2)  New York Times, June 6 (?), 1918:  “Six Million Jews, one half of the Jewish people throughout the world, are being persecuted… etc”

I could have picked any number of starting points, or sources, but this one neatly gives us an idea. If in 1918, 'the Jewish population throughout the world', was in the order of twelve million (the Jewish owned NYT ought to know, right), then if we assumed a high birth rate of 3%, and the population doubling every 23 years?

Question: what, based on THAT claimed birth rate, would the Jewish population then have been in the late 1930's?

Well, in the order of approaching twenty-four million, right?
(Allegedly), according to our contributor, “double” the 1918 figure of 12 million.  
But, in the 1930's? The Jewish population was nowhere near that. It was, in fact, according to various sources, including Jewish, more in the order of the oft-quoted:

fifteen-million-and-a-bit.   (barely about a quarter the population growth rate our contributor hopes we will accept)  'Noooo'

So we have a MUCH lower birth rate than our contributor wishes to (conveniently) postulate.
Why?  So he thus can 'explain' the truly awkward fact that the number of Jews in the world, just before and just after WW2, was
Fifteen million and-a-bit“.
With, embarrassingly, no sign of the “Missing Six Million Jews.”

You follow me so far?
But there's more to this. First, I replied, scrupulously politely, pretty well as above. Explaining my objections, and asking him if he was allowing for 'Deaths'.

His reply? Really eloquent. One word:



That really advances the conversation, eh?  Very sophisticated.
Then, as happens, he blocked me.

Kind of amuses me. I'm warped, that way. Basically, they trot out a fancy-dancy, but really quite spurious argument.
You counter it.
They get mad. Rumbled. Caught out. Stomping off in a tizzy.
That's the intellectual equivalent of THIS fine flag, below.

How classless.

The transparent desire to then drag the argument down into the gutter? Hopefully you will retaliate, and then they can quote your words WAY out of context, and tell everybody:
“See? That Moggy fellow? Block him! He's just a Jew hater! Look at the bad language he used here!”

In conclusion, I offer two observations.

The first, that you Jews & ardent Zionists (“Israel is our best ally”) 'Laughing'   cannot have both your cake and eat it. I know, you are well used to keeping yours, and eating ours. But that's not what I'm driving at here.
I'm saying you cannot enjoy your “Six Million dead Jews”, all being summarily exterminated in Hitler's camps. I intend to tackle one particular 'First person' Holocaust survivor, who, in a transparently choreographed  Youtube video, states that 90% of the arrivals at Auschwitz-Treblenka were IMMEDIATELY gassed. That's actually an oft repeated claim.

I believe that to be an outrageous lie.

You can NOT dupe millions of perfectly good-hearted and compassionate Americans, into believing such ROT, AND, at the same time, or for very close to the same period in time, (from the mid to late nineteen thirties, through to just after WW2), postulate a glorious


A mass orgy, a gigantic, epic case of tribal, procreational rumpey-pumpey, resulting in no less than SIX MILLION BABIES, that (conveniently) (tra-la-lah) offset the “Missing” 'Six Millions Jews', in the various sources of population census. All WHILE, at-the-same-time, you want it that everybody was getting instantly bumped off in death camps, and homicidal shower rooms?? That's one busy cake, bud.
That's quite preposterous. That's just silly.

Then, secondly, when you are tackled on this issue, politely, respectfully, but HEAD ON, if you then resort to trying to drag the conversation quickly into the sewer?

Then I need to remind you of the pig.

I was walking down the street, in New Orleans, and I saw a disheveled drunk, lying, semi-comatose, in the gutter. He was cursing profanely at all sorts of images, that must have been offending him.
I can't tell you if he was Jewish, or not. He might even have been Irish.
But, undeniably, a sympathetic pig, probably Irish, feeling sorry for him, was lying down beside him, keeping him company.

Two well-dressed gentlemen happened to be walking past. The one said to the other:

“You can always tell a gentleman, by the company he keeps.”

And, I swear:

the pig got up, and slowly walked away…

Sir? When you call me rude names?

I can easily relate to that fine pig.

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