My Grandfather, Francis Meyrick, and I

Posted on April 4, 2021

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My Grandfather, Francis Meyrick, and I


Why do we so seriously study the truth (or not) of the 'Six Million Jews'?

     Why don't we just write it off as Ancient History?
Throw sand on the grave, mumble a respectful 'Amen' and move on?
That's a reasonable question, and here's the answer.

So many of us are passionate, because we submit that the Holocaust is a cruel HOAX, cynically designed and maintained to vilify and slander a fine people, i.e. the Germans, whilst also ruthlessly plundering them. To this day. We also submit the HOLOHOAX is designed to hide, camouflage, obfuscate, trivialize FAR, and FAR worse GENUINE atrocities carried out elsewhere. To this day.
By, (surprise, surprise) (not) the very same architects & exploiters of the HOLOHOAX.

Thus we submit, bitterly:

*** that the bloodbath of Christian Russians, during the Bolshevik revolution, masterminded, funded, orchestrated, and gleefully carried out by JEWISH Cheka, many imported from New York specially for the crazed bloodletting, utterly dwarfs, in scale and viciousness, anything that (allegedly)happened to the Jews at the hands of the Germans.

***that the deliberate, systematic, cruel famine of the Holodomor, in the Ukraine, represents a FAR higher death toll

***that the Ilya Ehrenburg (JEW) ordered/encouraged MASS rape and torture, followed by dismemberment and MASS killing, of tens or hundreds of thousands of German women at the end of WW2, represents a FAR worse depth of inhumanity and diabolical cruelty, than anything that (allegedly) happened to the Jews in their well documented WORK CAMPS.

***that the appalling, utterly inhumane treatment of helpless, surrendered  German POW's in Russia, and in Eisenhower's Rhineland Death Camps, violates every last shred of human decency.

***That the suffering of fifteen million German civilians, ejected from their ancestral homelands in Prussia and elsewhere, of which an estimated three million were murdered, raped and otherwise brutalized along the way, again DWARFS the relative handful of Jewish deaths in German Work Camps.

***and, finally, that the FIRE bombing of the fine city of DRESDEN, at War's end, admitted later to have had ZERO military targets left standing, known to have been FULL of desperate refugees, with wave after wave of bombers equipped with weaponry designed purely to mass murder the shocked inhabitants, represents an act of unspeakable, Satanic evil, that makes a MOCKERY of the claimed Moral High ground of the 'Good Guys' and 'Allies' in respect of alleged German transgressions. Manufactured, we may add, at the outrageous Nurnberg show trials, by three thousand gleeful JEWS, using torture, fraud, false eyewitness evidence, faked evidence, and threats to prisoners' families.

THAT is why, we submit, we should and MUST study the great Jewish HOLOHOAX rip-off FRAUD, the shakedown to end all shakedowns, the TRAVESTY of human decency they DARE, to this day, with much loud wailing, to hold up as an example of Man's Inhumanity to Man.

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