Mankind’s Fatal Flow – the MFF problem

Posted on March 30, 2021

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1. Terse 1-liners     The MFF problem

Terse 1-liners are an advanced Art form. Like a good Haiku.
I’m going to save a few.

Thus we were collectively snarling this morning about shallow, but pompous, Dictator ‘Batty’ Biden, busily falling up the steps of Air Force One. (I cheered out loud)
And mocking the legions of plastic soldiers with lots of guns, (that they want to take off us), and tall fences (with razor wire) around the Capitol. Such a transparent ploy, claiming an anti-constitutional ‘insurrection’, when it’s blatantly they themselves actually doing the naked power grab.
Performing the coup. Classic Marxism. Psy-ops, Media Control, zero shame, and the crass nerve of the Devil.

We were wondering how in heck’s name it ever came to this.  A tiny-tiny handful of self-appointed ‘elite’ (ha!) crudely dictating their overtly Supremacist will to the rest of the country. The top six inches of the pyramid acting like a criminal Mafia. A classic conspiracy. An ugly power grab. Lording it over the rest below, as if the rest doesn’t matter. The fleas hogging the tip of the patient Shepherd Dog’s tail, busily wagging the tail, the dog, and the BONE.

And everybody, bemused, powerless it seems, me included, just kind of (duh!) watching.

“300 million silent guns
useful as cream chocolate buns.”

The militia is coming
there’s going to be war
they’re throwing black pudding
at Biden’s back door.

When it comes to recoil, blast & kick
Ain’t nuthin’ can best a memory shtick.

The mind simply boggles how many will die
armed to the teeth with doughnuts and pie.”

In comes the ‘zing!’


“There have been millions of people who have had similar thoughts in just the last 100 years let alone the expanse of human history. It all boils down to one individual with an insatiable greed, and lust to feel exceptional, coupled with an ability to affect others and draw them in to assist in an endeavor that would otherwise revile a right thinking person.”

Spot on. Well stated. ‘Mankind’s Fatal Flow‘, I thought grimly to myself. Politely. ‘MFF’.

Endless billions of premature tombs. Good & noble lives, snuffed out, by lower, coarser, vile and mean creatures. Whole cultures, too gentle, unable to defend themselves, scattered to the four winds. The feeling, highly cultured Yezidis. The mellow Buddhists, the Hindus, the Armenians, Christians by the cemetery full.

I sighed.   MFF?   'Speaking'

“The Mutha-F*cka-FRUITCAKES”, a voice in my head shouted.

Rather Rudely.

Yep. It’s going to be one of those days.


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