The ‘Talmudic Mafia’ is ‘winning’, and Earth is losing

Posted on April 3, 2021

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The ‘Talmudic Mafia’ is ‘winning’, and Earth is losing

(same, old, repeated) Hostile Questions… and Honest Answers  'Hypocrite'

Question 1-6 to Moggy:  “Why do you dislike what you call the ‘Talmudic Mafia’ so much? Do you mean all Jews? And why do you hate them so much? What have they ever done to you? You are one of GAB’s noisiest anti-Semites! As a God-fearing person, I am appalled at your insensitivity towards the terrible & unique suffering of the Jews”.

Answers 1-6 from Moggy:  “Oh, straight from the hip, eh? Both barrels? Okay, two can play that game. There are six elements to your full-blast broadside, so let me go through them in sequence.”

Question 1: “Why do you dislike what you call the ‘Talmudic Mafia’ so much?”
Question 2: Do you mean all Jews?

Answer 1 and 2:  No, I don’t mean all Jews. I have made that clear many, many, many times. You obviously DON’T read my stuff, but you DO wish to make sweeping condemnations. That’s like condemning a house without ever having bothered to go inside. With your dislike based (simplistically) on the shape and color of the chimney.
Let me define what I mean by the phrase ‘Talmudic Mafia’. I am talking about a remarkably small, self-appointed ‘elite’ of ‘top’ Jews. There are plenty of Jews who have bravely opposed the entrenched, web of lies surrounding the ‘Six Million’ Myth, often at great personal cost.  These Jews have been ridiculed, scorned, ostracized, threatened, by the ‘Talmudic Mafia’, who cynically wield their 96% near-total grip on the World’s Media, like a nailed baseball bat. This proud ‘elite’ (‘elite’, in their own puffed up minds) have greedily milked the world’s wealth through an elaborate system of in-your-face nepotism, cronyism, bribery, extortion, insider trading, and political chicanery. They are, in essence, thieves, tricksters, con-merchants and exploiters. They wish you to believe that their near-total grip on all positions of power, all institutions of influence, is due to their ‘superior intelligence’. And not their Mafia style mode of operation, their endless theft of intellectual property, and their ceaseless looting of the United States economy. Let’s not forget to mention that billions of dollars are voted through, on a nod, by the US Congress, and sent happily off to Israel, or dropped (heh-heh-heh), (sleight-of-hand) into Israel-friendly ‘appropriations’. Which is the same thing.

The many, centuries old, problems with this pompous ‘elite’ are overshadowed by an increasingly ominously black storm cloud. Sending forth record hurricane force winds.  The advances in technology are such that their ability to (blatantly) manipulate opinion, and suppress contrarian view points, is extraordinary. Their power, always thuggish, and based on a fabric of lies, is tending to a near-total grip on the instruments of power in the United States, and in Europe. I (and tens of millions with me) see the last farcical US ‘anti-election’ as a thuggish political coup. A heist. A clumsily orchestrated, brute imposition of their will, over that of the American People. It was, and remains, so in-your-face, that any decent observer would have thought the Democratic Party would insist on a re-run themselves. Had they possessed an ounce of decency. But no, wholly owned as they are, their souls long since mortgaged to the Devil, it is easy to see how Congress, on both sides of the isle, resembles little more than paid gangs of selfish thieves.
The ‘Talmudic Mafia’, with their Supremacist arrogance, armed with their anti-Mainstream media, and their looted billions, are behind ALL this.
You asked: “Why do you dislike what you call the ‘Talmudic Mafia’ so much? Do you mean all Jews?”. I think I have covered the main points here.
THAT is why I dislike the ‘Talmudic Mafia’ so much, and, no, I do NOT mean ALL Jews.

Moving on, you asked:
Question 3:  “Why do you hate them so much?”

Answer 3: It seems THAT, right there, is the default, go-to, Numero Uno, catch-all, FALL BACK, TIME-WORN DEFENSE POSITION. Paraphrased:  “Oh, you must be a HATER. You must be an anti-Semite.” And I’m supposed to cringe, eh?  Fall back, run, whimper. Fold my hands, and yelp:
“Oh, no, mercy! I’m no hater!

Dude, I’m gonna be seventy here soon. It’s been a helluva ride, and I still blast around -too fast- on Harleys. I’ve seen a bit. Some pretty wild sh*t. Try playing dodge ’em in the sky, with your helicopter, against another chopper. Watching the rivets in his underbelly skim-whistle over the top of your own rotor disc. With your passenger going hysterical. And you trying not to laugh. (The whole thing is that fuk’n stupid) Click HERE for that adventure.
My point is that I didn’t ‘hate’ him. To be sure, I wasn’t too ecstatically happy, with him being so reckless that he might have accidentally killed the lot of us. But I didn’t ‘hate’ him. In fact, if you read the story, I later quickly organized his defense, lest he become fish bait.
It’s the same with me and the Jews. It’s not polite to write what I deep-down think, but if I was to do so, anyway? Like in a bar, down in Papua New Guinea?  With a bunch of crazy, hard-bitten, Tuna Head pilots, fresh from aerial jousting, chewing the cud?

It would probably roll out like this:

“You Supremacist Jews?
You’re such a dozy bunch of arrogant, incredibly silly fools. You’re mostly out-and-out hardened Atheists, and you invoke that creepy, selfish, butt-ugly Talmud not from any God respect. You just use it when it suits your earthly desires and purposes. Let’s say that up front. You have dedicated your little life to Mammon. Gathering fleeting wealth, ooh-la-la ‘power’, and preening around in your grand delusion that you remotely matter.
You don’t matter squat, you little Supremacist creep. None of us do.
I have smoked what I might call an ‘apres-cigarette’ a fair few times now, AFTER narrowly surviving stupid that which I knew I might (but for a milli-second) NOT have survived. Of course, I went right back up each time. To prove something to myself. That I wasn’t frightened. Of being stupid. After the shortest canopy ride in History (accidental super low pull), I think I smoked TWO. Didn’t stop me going straight back up, though. (see my pernicious blog)
No, it’s not a death wish. On the contrary. It’s a desire to drink the cup dry, live that puppy, watch the whole movie, sub-titles and all. Ride that donkey. Drive that buggy.
And never, ever quit.
But there’s no illusion. Living has a one hundred per cent fatality rate. None of us getting out of this sh*t alive. So a wise man (okay, okay, that rules me out) will ponder respectfully, his simple, brief relationship with the Universe.

And ponder, the Creator.
Is HE? Is he NOT? If he IS?  How does He feel about ME?
For I could murmur a quiet poem.

I have but little cash to show
I’ve been a rascal, well you know.
But of all the places that I’ve been
and all that I have truly seen?

I’ve often wondered if God is kind
and sympathizes with my mind
as confuddled, daft and warped it seems
in my endless, sleep-tossed dreams.

I’ll never quit, the slightest bit
I’ll ride that donkey, take the hit
drink the cup, and probe the sky
until that b*st*rd is drunk dry.
For me, it boils down to the fact that the Supremacist Jews’ (The Talmudic Mafia’s) oft-demonstrated life’s philosophy of feverishly gathering pretty-colored sea-shells (They call ’em shekels) by the bazillion, as many as possible, by any predatory means possible, even hurtfully, at the expense of any and all non-tribe members? Is about as UN-intelligent, retarded and flat boring as you can make your life, ffs. Their carnal lust for POWER though ANY means? Bribery, infiltration, perversion, subjugation, deliberate war and division stirring, divide-and-conquer? Is silly to the nth degree. It all means diddley-squat in the end.

All we can HOPE to accomplish, in viewing this life, this short little ‘trailer’? is that maybe, just maybe, one day, we’ll see the full MOVIE.
We might just be able to do a tiny-tiny-tiny bit of good. Make Space Ship Earth, the place we call home, a tiny bit better. Spread a little kindness.
Maybe. Maybe, if we’re careful.

The Supremacist Jews, in their soaring arrogance?  Stand at the polar opposite end of that simple outlook of mine. What pompous ass can seriously make statements like this, and NOT expect to be laughed at?

Or this vacuous, widely-followed, ultra-Supremacist blow-hard?

I hate what they say. That has so much influence. I hate the conceit, the arrogance, the misleading-of-many that they do. But the man? I shrug my shoulders. Why should I hate the man? Come-uppance waiting for them, anyway.

I wrote another story the other day about this same aspect, why everybody always wants to paint as as hating Jews. And they can’t (or won’t) see us as hating ‘ideas’, ‘attitudes’, and ‘supremacist ideology’.  It’s HERE.

Essentially? ‘They’ are trying to shut us up. Calling us ‘anti-Semites’ or ‘racists’ or sticking the ‘why do you hate Jews?’ label on us. They don’t want to go the FACTS. Too dangerous. For they know too well?  The FACTS are against them.

So we hate the IDEAS.

Questions 3-6.

“And why do you hate them so much? What have they ever done to you? You are one of GAB’s noisiest anti-Semites! As a God-fearing person, I am appalled at your insensitivity towards the terrible & unique suffering of the Jews”.

Meh, again.

Quote:  “You are one of GAB’s noisiest anti-Semites.”

Quote:  “As a God-fearing person, I am appalled at your insensitivity towards the terrible & unique suffering of the Jews”

Answer:  “Excuse me, why would anybody FEAR God? I can understand RESPECT. AWE, even. Perhaps even LOVE. But I don’t really follow this cringing, woe-is-me, sackcloth-and-ashes, grovel-in-the-mud, cringing sh*t. But leaving that aside, I see two possibilities.

A) you really believe that ‘six million Jews’ were really murdered by the really evil Germans.

I used to, as well. Then I started doing the research. You need to do so, as well. You have no excuse. Sorry.

B) Deep down?  You know damn and fine it’s a MYTH. But it’s a highly profitable one. And you are one of the beneficiaries. So you do everything you can to perpetuate the LIE.

Good luck. Going through your tiny, short life, dedicating it to living the Big Lie.
I suspect there may be consequences for you, one day.

My final comment is on this:

The ‘Talmudic Mafia’ is ‘winning’, and Earth is losing.

I think that is true. So far. But theirs is a Pyrrhic Victory.  Be careful what you wish for.

But, also, be aware.

The tide?

Is slowly changing.

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