HDOT article on Treblinka

Posted on March 29, 2021

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HDOT article on Treblinka


This takes a bit of reading. It's structurally a well laid-out article, and easy to follow.  It does not immediately jump in to shrill emotion.
I realize I read this quite a long time ago, and accepted it, at that time, at first glance. Time has moved on, and now I'm trying to remember where (and what) I read other people writing about this very article. There is such a mass of information out there, that I find that I simply have to take notes as I go along.

I do have several issues, at first glance, that I'll list here.
1) I attach the 'bones pit' image from this article. It is, at first sight, horrific.
The concern, that many will have is simple:
A. how do we know it's from Treblinka?
B. How do we know it's dated correctly as 'summer 1945'?
We know only the source quoted as J. Gumkowski, A. Rutkowski.  Members of:  “Treblinka, Council for Protection of Fight and Martyrdom Monuments, Warszawa 1962”
and “author, unknown”.
It has been widely alleged (and frequently substantiated) that many photographs used, at  the Nuremburg Trials, were either faked, or 'borrowed' from other sources and tragedies, such as the Ukraine Holodomor, or the Russian Siberian labor Death camps.
That is NOT to claim this one is also such. I simply don't know that. But like those Evangelical Christians who handle REAL rattlesnakes during their church services? The caution-before-proceeding seems reasonable.
I searched https://www.gfh.org.il/eng and I attach another image of “a heap of ashes in the Treblinka camp” (catalog no 11341). Exact same comments.
2) The article says:  “Before Treblinka was abandoned in November 1943, the camp buildings had been bulldozed down to their foundations and covered with sand. The mass graves had been dug up, the remains cremated, and the pits refilled and re-covered. On top of that, local Poles peppered the ground with holes as they dug in the dirt, searching for valuables that had belonged to the murdered Jews.”
This statement is problematic for me.

Using the list of 'Holocaust sticking points' I have been slowly compiling,
(here:  https://newwritersharbor.com/the-holocaust-honestly-questioned/)
I respectfully submit MANY of those points apply here. In particular, the following points might be especially invoked, by any reasonable, fair-minded observer.

1. Red Cross records      (contradict this)
2. Aerial reconnaissance photos     (show no such activity)
9. Nuremburg Trials   (later debunked and discredited as rampant fraud)
10. Disposal of bodies     (you are talking a MASSIVE undertaking here; mass graves dug up, remains cremated, pits re-filled and re-covered)
13. Churchill, Eisenhower & de Gaulle (NEVER mentioned any of this alleged epic work)
15-1.  Fake Photos & Film; cutting edge technology at the time, now easily debunked

That is not to say I did not find this article interesting and useful. In particular, it focuses some attention on the GPR (Ground Penetration Radar).

I would like to understand that important area better.

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