23. Controversy in the Ukraine – how many Jews were really ‘massacred’ there?

Posted on March 28, 2021

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23. Controversy in the Ukraine  –   how many Jews were really ‘massacred’ there?

I’ve had Holocaust proponents airily dismiss my detailed listing of (what I term) ‘sticking points’ with the ‘traditional’ Holocaust narrative.
They appear to say that if there IS a ‘shortfall’ (of dead Jews) in the German concentration camps, that this is more than ‘made up for’ because of the number of Jew deaths that can be counted as ‘Nazi atrocities’ in the Ukraine, and elsewhere in parts East.

One such Holocaust defender calmly went so far as to write (on GAB), that he thought the ‘true’ figure of murdered Jews was closer to ELEVEN million. He cited the ‘Einsatz Gruppen’ and other atrocities carried out by the Germans in Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine.

Given the population numbers, well documented, I’d say, (including derived from JEWISH sources) of the world population of Jews immediately before and after World War Two, we are thus asked to believe that either those population numbers were flat wrong, and understated. Or that the issues of the exact number of deaths in German concentration camps are relatively irrelevant. Given the vast ‘reserve numbers’ of dead Jews that were massacred (by the Germans) elsewhere. A bunch of spare ‘Dead Jews’, in other words.

I submit this smacks of non-serious gamesmanship. With even a hint of desperation.
Nonetheless, I am opening this section, Part 23, to start collecting information in this area.

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