Hart-Celler Act

Posted on March 26, 2021

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The Hart-Celler Act & 9-11
the 2021 Saul Alinsky Constitutional Coup


I wonder how many Americans & Europeans instantly recognize the 1965 Hart-Celler Act?
You should.
I wonder if it is taught in schools. I doubt it. A great pity.
I submit it marks a massive, epic turning point in the course of future World History. The beginning, I say, quite probably, of a funereal spiral downward for the White Race.
And in case that cheers you on?
I must add, coldly, that it was also NOT (as portrayed at the time and since), any wonderful beginning of ‘new opportunities’ for ‘equal advancement for all races & cultures’.
I say it was a massive mistake, an uninformed arrogance, and what is worse?
That howling naivety, on the one hand? And that deliberate, cynical, Jewish badness, on the other?
Is only set to accelerate in 2021.
We have not only NOT learned our lessons. The pedal is now down to the metal. Driving one-way, at a ton-and-sixty, down the wrong-way Interstate.

At this stage, friend, you may be feeling a warm glow spreading through you. Namely that of your own moral righteousness.
“This man is a racist! “, you may be thinking. “A White Supremacist! ” “For shame! ”
Not so fast.
I submit those are way over-used epithets, hence confusing, that have ceased to mean much anymore. If chucking them out nevertheless makes you feel all good? Knock yourself out. It doesn’t advance the conversation.

1) I am race-aware. So are YOU. Don’t lie. So is everybody. Even ‘Reverend’ Jesse Jackson. Who, in a rare moment of candor, admitted to crossing to the other side of the street, whenever he sees a group of young black men lounging about. Ahead of him, on the sidewalk.

2) I also worked all over the world, including Africa. Have you?

3) Ted Kennedy said this: “The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs. ”

4) Going back to 1790, our Founding Fathers carefully restricted citizenship.

5) In 1924, the Immigration Act had permanently established the ‘National Origins Formula’ as the basis of U.S. immigration policy.
Thus, in 1965, without any referendum, without bothering to meaningfully consult ‘We, the People’, a relatively tiny clique took it upon themselves to casually tear up, and wholly up-end, 175 years’ worth of carefully established policy.
A policy that had led to a homogeneous society. Essentially united, essentially at peace, and rightfully proud of the American Culture, Flag, and Country.

And what have we now? The Southern border yawning wide open. An armada of new, reliably eternal Democrat voters being imported. En masse. A thundering mess, cities on fire, the flag being burned, and the concept of the ‘American’, (that magic glue of a once-homogeneous society), trampled into the mud.
And Saul Alinsky’s rabid, totalitarian disciples have barely got going.
The Talmudic Mafia? Supreme in their 5th column arrogance. The Destroyers exultant.

I submit that the 2021 Saul Alinsky Constitutional Coup, if allowed to stand?

Will make 9-11 and Hart-Celler look like a picnic.

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