15-1 Fake Photos and Fake Film

Posted on March 25, 2021

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15-1. Fake Photos and Fake Film

‘Cigpapers’ wrote:

The first time fake evidence was used was during the Nuremberg Trials. This however became an industry in its own right after 1945, with large rewards paid to investigators for “finding ” Holocaust evidence. At the time a lot of this evidence was very cutting-edge, but under modern scrutiny it simply doesn’t stand up.

Modern forensic techniques have exposed a lot of “Holocaust ” photographic evidence as faked.
New systems of examining photographs and film have exposed large amounts of it as totally fake, other evidence has been exposed as coming from completely different sources, e.g. the Russian Gulags.

As evidence has emerged discrediting large parts, if not all, of the alleged Holocaust narrative, the Jews have been forced to constantly change the numbers in their claims. They have, however, constantly stuck to an overall total of 6 million Jewish deaths, even though this makes no mathematical sense as the component numbers are revised downwards. This hasn’t led to a partial refund of the damages paid to Israel by Germany based on the 6 million figure.

Source:   https://cigpapers.blog/2013/11/16/holocaust-or-holohoax-21-amazing-facts/


A huge problem for the Jewish Holocaust conspirators has been this:

They could not, and did not foresee the enormous advances in technology.

Thus at the Nuremburg Trials, all sorts of ‘evidence’ was solemnly introduced, (and even more solemnly sworn to as being the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth), that has subsequently been not merely de-bunked, but rather soundly trashed. Utterly, almost laughably, bogus. But we have to remind ourselves this evidence was shamelessly used to hang people. Literally.

People tell me angrily that ‘they’ took lots of photos, because, later on, apparently ‘people like me’ would come along, and deny the Holocaust of ‘Six Million Jews’. I have been called ‘sewer language’ names.  Plenty of epithets.

I submit, quietly, that if you take a closer look? Dispassionately?  NO agenda?  Just trying to figure out the truth?  Then much of that (alleged) photographic ‘proof’

…was blatantly falsified, and, in fact, that ‘photographic evidence’ (as well as the
factual evidence) fully EXONERATES the German people.

Hitler never planned the extermination of any Jews, never mind ‘Six Million’.

If that statement offends you, I respectfully refer you to my personal study notes. Here: http://www.holocaustGAB.com

PS:  I submit I don’t think this conclusion makes me a ‘National Socialist’, much less a ‘Nazi’.  (or an alimentary food channel orifice)

Just an amateur Historian.


‘oddly similar’ is an understatement; how about ‘direct copy’?

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