The 6-fold Holocaust ‘Numbers’ Conundrum

Posted on March 25, 2021

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Auschwitz-Treblinka monument until overnight, 1995

The 6-fold Holocaust ‘Numbers’ Conundrum

There is (at least) a SIX (6)-fold aspect of the oft-cited Holocaust ‘Numbers’ conundrum.
Six dimensions, if you prefer. Maybe more, and I have missed some.
Indeed, the term ‘Numbers’ crops up a lot in the frequent expressions of skeptical dissent.
It occurred to me it might be helpful, and aid rational discussion, to carefully list those main areas, in which ‘numbers’ fuel furious debate. Even cynicism. Not to mention open mockery.

1)  The Numbers that were quietly changed (overnight, in 1995) on the Auschwitz-Treblinka Monument

From 4 million deaths down to ‘approx’ 1.5 million.


Auschwitz-Treblinka monument AFTER ‘one famous night’ in 1995


'Applaud'   But the TOTAL WW2 Jewish deaths? REMAINS SIX MILLION…   'Applaud'

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2)  The Numbers the International Red Cross (who had open access!) quotes for deaths from ALL causes in the camps.
(emphasis on: ‘ALL’)

272,301.  Not ‘six million’. Or even 6,000,000.
Small difference?
Seems really suspicious that Israel moved heaven and earth to keep these documents SECRET for decades. Until 2008.
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3)  The Numbers of Jews quoted in population census form. Pre-WW2 and POST WW-2.

That includes various Jewish sources! So no dispute. Basically fifteen million-and-a-bit BEFORE WW2. And fifteen-million-and-a-bit AFTER WW2.
I submit for your consideration that the Jews, despite all their endless choreographed wailing, came through WW2 way, way, WAY better than anybody else. Relatively unscathed, in fact. I further submit that this class (emotional and financial) extortion act of theirs -cruelly- deflects attention away from much larger ‘Holocausts’ that (really) happened elsewhere in Europe, to other peoples.

4)  The sheer (massive) Numbers of Jewish bodies allegedly burned, and the relatively (absurdly) puny physical capabilities & limitations of the ovens at hand

aswith the (massive) requirements that would have entailed in terms of coke, the problems that the regular Allied overflights failed to capture the mass burying, mass digging up, mass open pile burning, the problem that Allied eavesdropping (via their successful German code-breaking) failed to intercept any of this activity in reports, the problem that MODERN DAY crematoria cannot even perform such feats as were claimed, the problem of endless unmasking of ‘witnesses’ who were proven to be liars, the problem that such alleged body burning would have left bone residue that would have required crushing, the issue that modern ground penetration radar found no evidence of soil disturbed, or mass graves, were nearly a million bodies are supposed to be buried. The goofy, massively un-German and inefficient, tortuous lay-out of the alleged ‘homicidal’ gas chambers.

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5)  The Numbers Mystery where by the ‘6 million Jews’ gets (frequently) quoted way, WAY back, to at least… 1914? 1850? Nope. Try Babylon. Nope. Sumerian? Errr….

Way before WW2, 1914EEEE, 1850 at least, 'Yes'   the New York Times (and others) started prominently posting the ‘six million Jews’ dying-dead-nearly-dead theme.
(PS: “Give generously”)
The exact same number is repeated over, and over again. Decades before WW2.

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6)  The amazing collapse of the Majdanek death numbers

A classic example of Jewish-Bolshevik, um, ‘slight exaggeration’. Hyperbole. Propaganda. Absurdity. Poetic flight of fancy.  Whatever fine label you wish to put on it.

Collapsed-plunged-plummeted-cratered, from just under two million (1,922,000), down to just 78,000.  Just a NINETY-SIX PERCENT DROP.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just Jews lying. Again, deaths from ALL causes, including TYPHUS, the scourge, Allied Bombing, old age, gout, and excess rumpy-pumpy-OH-Dorothy…

in the camp brothel.

You can’t make this sh*t any more ridiculous than it already is.


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