16-2. Balfour Declaration, opportunist Jews switching sides, the Kaiser’s 1916 Peace Proposals

Posted on March 23, 2021

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16-2.  Balfour Declaration, opportunist Jews switching sides, the Kaiser’s 1916 Peace Proposals

Question:  exactly why where his peace overtures summarily rebuffed?

‘Cigpapers’ wrote:

“During World War One the British Government had agreed with leading Jews that they would support a Jewish homeland in Palestine in exchange for the powerful Jewish lobby in America getting the USA to join the Allies. This led to the Balfour Declaration being made by the British Government promising the Jews a homeland in Palestine.

After discussions in the British Cabinet, and consultation with Zionist leaders, the decision was made known in the form of a letter by Arthur James Lord Balfour to Lord Rothschild. The letter represents the first political recognition of Zionist aims by a Great Power.

After World War One the British Government were unable, or unwilling, to make good on this promise. From 1919 onwards the Jews claimed 6 million Jews in Europe were under threat from extermination unless they got a homeland in Palestine. This was 14 years before the Nazis came to power and 24 years before the alleged Holocaust started.”

Source:  https://cigpapers.blog/2013/11/16/holocaust-or-holohoax-21-amazing-facts/


I saw a video of Theresa May, the busy-body, WAY-out-of-her-depth, lightweight, former UK P.M., and ‘Lord’ (of Darkness) Old Man Jacob Rothschild.  Of “My family created Israel” – fame. Theresa of course, the complete antithesis (in terms of poise) to Maggie Thatcher, bows and scrapes, acting more like a shy, over-awed, giggling little school girl, and together they then view the original Balfour document. Preserved under a glass cover, of course. The tone of the conversation is one of hushed awe. As if in the presence of a sign, delivered direct from the Almighty. A hint of the solemn, the cathedral, and that which can only be discussed in a whisper. Such a wonderful document! Oh, My! Emotion! Praise the heavens!


Makes me both deeply sad, and angry. I don’t write very well when I’m angry, so let me try and give you my simple, naively honest thoughts in as lucid a manner as this ‘poor player’ can manage.
I submit to you, dear reader, that the ‘Balfour Declaration’ is an odious document, soaked through in blood and a trillion tears.
I shall never forget standing alone in a small cemetery on Flotta, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, in 1990. The events there directly led me to invest a year writing “Jeremy’s War”, my long first novel about the air war over France, in WW1. (on Amazon). It was a raining, cold day, low, scudding clouds, and that cemetery, certainly at that time, ( I don’t know about today), was poorly maintained. Tomb stones leaning over at a wonk, covered in moss, and the whole place a sad air of the forgotten, unkempt, uncared for. Yet there lay what were, at one time, the cream of the island’s young men. Eighteen, twenty-one, twenty-three years old. En masse, patriotic fervor, meaning so well, they marched off to World War One, flags and brass bands, expecting to be “Home for Christmas”, and four years later, that industrial, mechanized, tra-la-lah, whoopty-doo, White Christian, sausage BUTCHERY machine was finally switched off. It’s work beautifully done. All OVER Flotta you can probably still see the ruins of abandoned old cottages. The population of that island plummeted, the young women folk moved elsewhere, as the marriage age young men were almost wiped OUT.

And-for-WHAT!!!??? I ask you.

If you ever read “Jeremy’s War”, you’ll see I invested time in describing their departure, the train and the flags, the brass bands and the patriotic fervor.
And here… they lay. All around me. In the flower of their youth. Seemingly already forgotten. With tears streaming down my face, and the cold rain on my head, I promised them all I would write a story. That is one promise in Life, I have truly kept.

What… has that all to do with the Balfour declaration?

Read up on it for yourself, and correct me if you think I’m wrong. I’m all ears. But my sense is that nobody foresaw just exactly what a thundering, savage disaster this back-and-forwards, death-rattling stalemate would produce. Sure, people far away from the front lines were quick to profiteer, shamelessly, and fine patriotic speeches were made by noisy, harrumpy old goats in Parliament and other European halls of State, to much applause. After which, they could go home, to a well deserved supper, and a comfortable snooze in front of a warm fire. But by 1916, the sheer scale of the bloody meat grinder had become evident to even the most die-hard flag wavers & speech reciters.
Enter, upon center stage, the Kaiser.

Autumn 1916. He-was-offering to enter into negotiations for a cease-fire. PEACE. An END to the slaughter. No harm, no foul, everybody go back home.

Stop right there. I don’t see how anybody can dispute this. The evidence is right there.
The Kaiser offered.

So what happened then? Ah. Here is where the dispute comes in. Big time.
We know the British, after some reflection, declined the offer. And refused to even enter into negotiations.

We have discussed this before on GAB. People poured right in, solemnly quoting, for flip’s sake, as the ultimate authority, ‘Wikipedia’. (Why not run straight to the NWO for their preferred opinion?) They said that basically the British were ‘winning’, they knew they were ‘winning’, because of the British naval blockade of German ports. That was starving Germany both of food and vital industrial imports. So why give away such an advantage?

That’s almost the ‘orthodox’ view. I don’t share it. This is a huge and controversial area, and you can easily lose yourself in research, going after all the subtle twists and turns. I believe that, in late 1916, simple exhaustion had set in, even in patriotic Britain. A mood swing dramatically away from “Home by Christmas”, brass bands and fluttering flags. A bleak, somber realization that the price being paid to continue this insanity, was beyond horrendous. Elevating the inhumane to something ‘noble’ becomes more and more difficult, when the ghastly truth is being ever more loudly whispered out. Even screamed, on street corners, by activists, and from mental wards, by shell-shocked, macabre shadows of men.
Wailed, at funerals.

A critical moment. Successful peace negotiations then? Might just have shortened WW1 by the best part of TWO years. And a trillion tears. What ‘victory’ is it, when your young folk are being slaughtered by the galloping gross? For mere yards of muddy trenches?  Endlessly back-and-forth, like two salamanders locked in mortal combat?

So, what happened? Guess what.

Enter?  The Jews. The Talmudic Mafia, at your service. The psychotic, inbred robber tribe, out only for its own advantage, genetically (conveniently) bereft of compassion or conscience, spiritually dead, (or serving Darker interests), saw an opportunity.
A fine, interesting, opening.
And with ultimate cynicism, superlative selfishness, their well-oiled, well funded, political machinery went into action.

The rest, is History. Bloody, History.

“Hey, you Brits? Would you like us to bring America in to the War on your side?”
-Yes, please?-
“We can do that, you know.”
-Really? Wow. tell us more.-
“Um. There would have to be a quid pro quo, of course.”
– Uh…Huh? Well, we’re very interested.-

I paraphrase, but that, I submit, was essentially the gist of the Faustian bargain.

The British ‘nobility’, the always crassly mis-named ‘elite’, took the bait.
Gobbled it up. Rule, Britannia! If you want to believe that flowery humbug.
In taking that bait, these harrumpy old British goats uniformly tuned their backs on their Nation’s sons. (not their own boys, of course. They all had truly indispensable jobs, tucked up safely back home).
Never mind the severed limbs, eyeless skull sockets, spilled entrails, minds driven mad, and mothers bereft.
How could we now negotiate for peace? That just won’t do! That would mean throwing away all that useful, errr…, spent blood & guts. It makes much more sense to spill lots more blood & guts, to preserve the useful benefits of all the blood & guts we have already spilled.

The Jews went into action, overnight switching allegiance from Germany, to the British side. Quite a betrayal, when you consider that Germany (unwisely) gave sanctuary to, and allowed the Jewish Communist organizers in as refugees. After their failed 1905 putsch against the Czar in Russia. I know, I know, ‘Wikipedia’ paints it as ‘a spontaneous uprising’ of Russian peasants against the bad, bad Czar, but that’s another whole discussion.

The next thing their Media Machinery went into overdrive, printing all sorts of out-and-out rubbish and vile slander against the German military. Raping nurses, and bayoneting babies, etc. The Brutish Hun.
It was all pack of outlandish lies, as came out afterwards, but the Jews never -ever- worry about lying. Or being caught out. The end justifies the means.  It’s ‘no holds barred’ when the Talmudic Mafia dogs get a scent of (Christian, preferably) blood.

It worked, as it always does. Right up to the present day. Because the goyim are that pitifully naive. (Right up to the present day, I emphasize). The American public got all stirred up. And despite the fact that there were huge numbers of immigrant, hard-working German descent Americans…

America came in on the side of the Brits. Two more years of blood & guts.

Quid pro Quo?
1) The Jews got their blasted, accursed Balfour Promise.
2) Their banks (I quote) ‘grew even fatter’ on ‘Christian wars’.
3) And lots more pesky White Christians obligingly slaughtered one another.

What’s not to like?

So tell me, why, I should NOT see the ‘Balfour Declaration’, so fawned over by lightweight, giggly, Theresa May, as I have described above:

“an odious document, soaked through in blood and a trillion tears.”

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