The trend towards para-military movements in Europe

Posted on April 23, 2020

March 10, 2020

The trend towards para-military movements in Europe

       Some trends in History are almost inevitable.  Predictable.
Thus we have long forecast, in this discussion group, (see www.GAB.com “The Coming European Wars”) the quiet emergence of armed para-military movements in Europe.  We are now seeing this in Greece, where MSM has partially given up, and effectively admitted  that locals are aggressively patrolling the Greek-Turkish border, dressed in dark uniforms, armed with rifles.
What else can we call them, eh?
I submit this phenomenon is pivotal for our understanding. Remember, these are the same communities that welcomed refugees in 2015, gave them shelter, food, and 'bounced their babies'.
The inevitable hardening of attitudes occurs when well-meaning, good-hearted people in the end realize (bitterly) that:

1) so many of these 'refugees' are in fact hangers-on from all over, economic opportunists & free-loaders.
2)  that there is only so much available land, water, air, and resources.  

Resources in terms not just of work, food, water, and the means to survive. But also in terms of social housing, benefits, & other Government assistance.  When you have your own folk & veterans in distress, your own folk homeless, hungry and sick, then that should be your priority. Not some unskilled, illiterate, permanent welfare burden, hailing from Afghanistan, the Congo, Somalia or Pakistan.

I predict this trend is quietly occurring not just in Greece. It's possible that thoroughly de-spined and neutered male populations in some countries (e.g. Sweden) will go meekly and quietly into the Long Night.

But, somehow, I doubt it.

Watch for what the MSM is reluctant to report. Unless they can do it in lurid fashion, i.e. 'Far Right', 'Neo-Nazi', and 'White Supremacist'.  That hardening of attitudes, that is in truth just a perfectly legitimate  'concern for one's own'. Nothing to do with 'Far Right' or 'Nazi' or 'Supremacist'.
The dancing puppets in the EU parliament have anyway moved so far Looney Left, that a position of concern for one's own people, that should be labelled merely 'centrist', is not so described. A rabid press, 90% controlled by the #TalmudicMafia, is waiting to pounce, every time. With hysteria and outrage. On the 'Nazis'.

I predict the swelling of the ranks of 'organisations', with stable, mature, intelligent, 'centrist' Patriots, who are reacting to an age old concern, inbred into good men, FOR THEIR OWN FOLK.

There is no doubt of the tyrannical forces in power, who ignore the will of the people. And follow their own agenda.

Well, guess what. Push-back coming.

Violence against one's people by 'Government Diktat' will be no longer be meekly tolerated. It will increasingly be countered. 'They' may try and dress their desire to 'brown out Europe' prettily, invoking 'humanity', but…

It still boils down to imposing a rabid, far left ideology -by force- on an unwilling, unhappy, long-suffering majority.  Who were never asked to vote on this happy sh*t.

Pen and sword.  Give 'em hell.

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