“Fading Scars “

Posted on January 23, 2012

You may have cut me deep,

and I may still be bleeding,

but I have let you go,

and you will never realize,

what you did was wrong,

though neive as I was,

you kept me lingering on,

The scars I bare,

have made me stronger,

and now I know better,

That I was young and in denial,

when you defiled my love,

it was never love,

It was never anything at all,

I built a wall around my heart,

so I won’t feel again,

and right now I remain alone,

but I am better off,

so I’ve turned off my phone,

I’m fine just on my own,

I now can let you go,

my heart may bleed,

I’m still in pain,

and yes it still does hurt,

but I know with time,

I will heal again,

And my heart will mend,

I don’t want to see your face,

it makes me sick to think,

of what you did to me,

though my fault or not,

does not make it right,

you fueled on my tears,

after all these years,

wasted cries on you,

I’m so over you it burns,

the flames turn to ashes,

and my soul it crashes…….

*Yemaya Tethra

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1 response to “Fading Scars “

  1. Everyone who has ever tried their hand at writing poetry, surely must bear both the scars and the burden of trying to love. Many of us develop a self protective veneer on the outside, or even a hard shell. What happens to us at the core? Do we wither there too? If we do wither, do we realize it? Admit it to ourselves? How much "love" is actually selfish lust?

    I explored similar emotions you deal with here in a poem I wrote called "Friendship".

    Sometimes I wonder if the experiences of Life make us become chameleons. We end up with multi personalities.  And so often we don’t recognize ourselves.
    I did that? I said that? That wasn’t me!

    Or was it?

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