” Inspiring Hope “

Posted on January 23, 2012

Tidal waves,
of battled graves,
giving up,
thy soul to take,
time unwell spent,
journey still,
in progress,
time heals,
mends broken,
don’t give in,
to giving up,
my dear friends,
lighten up,
for life is precious,
though hardest times,
test our strength,
for stronger strides,
grasp on,
not to let go,
you’re made for purpose,
walk the shoreline,
crashing waves,
calm again,
no journeys end,
continue on,
live strong,
be brave,
tidal waves,
battling graves,
awaken alive,
now is the time.

Inspiring hope *Yemaya Tethra

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2 responses to ” Inspiring Hope “

  1. Lots of images there.

    "walk the shoreline,
    crashing waves,"

    Along with gazing into a log fire, on a dark night, I’d guess that walking along a blustery sea shore is one of the must thought and emotion inspiring experiences we can savor. You bring in that vista, and we are free to run our own interpretations of what you hint at. I’ve used similar imagery in several poems.
    "the little Bird off Slea Head" being one such.
    There is indeed an internal dynamism between "graves", "waves" (life energy) and "hope".

    "journey still,
    in progress,
    time heals,
    mends broken,"

    Very few words to suggest a lot. I suspect you would not take too much offense at my recurrent desire to "get my ticket’s worth" out of this strange Life.
    Yep, things get broken. Time heals. We pick ourselves up. And clatter on.
    Gotta get that ticket’s worth..

  2. Thank you for the comments and feedback they are greatly apppreciated. I write mostly poetry but I write my own quotes as well from time to time. I have yet more to learn within writing so please feel free to make suggestions of any kind.
    Thank you and have a beautiful day

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