I’m a Fat Black Woman

Posted on October 2, 2011

I said it. I’m a fat black woman.
I take a seat and a half on the bus,
and I’ll smile my best church smile
on a hundred degree day.
Why? Why you think?
My support bra is an oven.
I got polyester riding.
Pretty sure my ankles are swollen
because I can’t feel my feet.
So I’m gonna smile.
I have been known to laugh.
This is all me Baby.
This is just part of who I am.
I’m a fat black woman.
Who is glad she is alive.

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One response to “I’m a Fat Black Woman”

  1. Your poem makes me smile!
    Why? You obviously have a smile on your face, because you just like yourself the way you are … I even can imagine you sitting on that bus …
    Why? Do we have to have a reason why?

    Do I think you may need a little help with your writing?
    Maybe you do, but you made the first important step: you started writing!

    Reading your poem, I was wondering how I would write it.
    Most of my writings are associative … I can imagine they would not make any sense to many people. We all have our different styles … Who am I to judge?

    Fact is your poem reads more like a story than a poem …
    Would you like me to write an associative version of your little gem, because I think it has got potential and I like the subject matter!

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