Diagnosis Alzheimer’s …

Posted on August 17, 2011

Every morning my boss attempts to wake me up by pushing a button, making me start up for the day ahead. Alas, today… bleep… I am just about to make it, then suddenly I am stuck for I … bleep … to start my friendly boss’s machine, thingy … I do not know what it is called.
This leaves my boss in a … bleep … state. His w… seems to depend upon me and he takes a look at my … blutton or whatever it is called. Today I suddenly seem to know very little of all the work the man put into me over the years.
And yet I have been such a faithful … pbleep…, always well kept too. For I am his pjight and loy, or something else, I really cannot seem to recall.
Well, the blutton thingy seems to work, my faithful owner seems pluzzed, for everything seemed to work perfectly as I went to sleep.
This morning, I do not know, I just cannot pelfrom or do thingies that I normally do autothingyly …
The man now loses his tempel with me (I hope I still get that light) I am losing it too.
What is wrong with me? Normally artef the blutton has been pushed, I … bleep… what to do. I hear the word ‘windows’ muttering in my ears, well my window thingy is always clear. Why cannot he see what he is meant to? What is rwong with me? He is the one who … bleeped … me, he should know!
Help!! I am losing it: he takes me al … bleep! All my prats … bleeped … on the table! Somebody!! He is trotruing me! Now I am all … bleeping… useless! The … bleep … what will happen to his flies?
He says it is o.k. but I flee k.o., while I am …blripped … of my bleepdisk! I want my hardthingy back, because the flies are in there! The stupid romon!
Now he tells me my hardthingy is fine. Why am I fleeing that I have frogotten everything I know?
Now, he has a go at my mummybleep! How dare he? She has got fleeings too! Then he usddenly tackles my probleepsor… What the fleep he thinks he is bleeping? My probleepsor sruvives the test as well!
Oh my God, what have I bleeped to deserve this dealor? I cannot memreber that I vree did thingysom wrong!!!
The final nodiagsis is that my mormery has all gone?
Blimey bleep, I have got Alzheimer’s, that I know, for I do not bleep … who … am … more … any…


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One response to “Diagnosis Alzheimer’s …”

  1. Silly-silly-silly+++

    Funnily enough, I wrote a story in a similar vein about an open cockpit bi-plane is used to own.   Seeing things from the point of view of ‘them’ and not ‘us’.

    It’s called "Appreciation". I’ll see if I can dig it out, and I’ll post it.

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