Posted on August 5, 2011

Here I stand again,
dressed in black again,
on the World’s Stage again, I’m
begging for your mind again, and
hissing blasphemous obscenities at life.

anticipating and
expecting Nothing.

This … my home
This … my church
This … my sanctum sanctorum of
Hate and loathing and dispute and
Dark contravention with the blackness of
this … my soul.

I’m back in that room again,
in the blackest corner again,
filled with cobwebs and
dust and You and
candles and self-revulsion again.

Where are my saviors now,
here in Hell’s black cathedral?
My Jesus or my Buddha, or even a God
damned Jim Jones or David Koresh?
Bombed out Branchers from
some Jamestown,
a ghost compound,
who would tell me that
They are the light, that
They are the way, that
They are the salvation to
the torment my eyes are wont to see.

Dressed in black again, I’m
holding seances again to
make the dead alive again, while
chanting to absent gods again, and
screaming blasphemous obscenities at


No Thing.

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4 responses to “Blasphemy”

  1. One second…
    (I was hiding under the table. Lemme just climb out…)

    Powerful. Damn.
    I don’t think a writer can pour more intensity, feeling, and emotion into carefully hand picked words, than you do here.  Dark.
    In terms of skill and verbal cunning, quite exemplary.  

    I’m not 100% sure I want to be wrecked on a desert island with you, at the precise moment you discover you’ve run out of toothpaste.

    Good job. Did it come to you on a bad day?   

  2. You forgot the Heaven’s Gate bunch.

    Wonderfully lost piece D.  It is the search that keeps us going though.  If we had the answers then why would we need to continue.  Embrace our ignorance.  It is the only thing worth (not) knowing.

  3. Legion is right.

    I’ve visited this area myself. When you have a second, maybe check out these three:

    Floater Me

    Starry, starry Night

    The Road of Light

    or hit "Browse" and then "Genre" and then "Auto-Biographical (Spiritual Quest)"

    Excellent subject area for writers, methinks

  4. To quote Bill Clinton: "I feel your pain"
    To go all Budhist on you:  You must feel the pain and let it pass through you, so you don’t hold onto it.

    I can also feel your anguish and anger.

    Hope this has all passed

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