Gay Pride

Posted on July 30, 2011

I will sit here and shout
Vote Yes for marriage.
I have sat at the computer,
Emailed my senators,
Told Obama too,
Vote Yes for marriage.
I will gladly yell at people
Using the derogatory terms
People off-handedly use,
Unaware of their razor-sharp edges.

I will proudly stand up for everyone
Who admits their orientation,
If they’re not rude.
It is not my business to know
Who you love.
So why are my loves
Of any business of yours?

You’ll judge me as I protest
The hate.
You’ll judge mr as I shout
I’ll judge you as you
Judge me.
It’s a vicious cycle,
A never ending cycle.

It’s not fair to anyone
Because I believe in equality,
Though I already had it,
Because I knew it hasn’t existed
While people like you protest that.

Equality is more than a gift,
It should be a Right.
Denying a Right
(without Due Process)
Is a crime.
Pay for the pain you’ve caused,
You had no right.
You have no sense
In denying others
Everything you have.

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3 responses to “Gay Pride”

  1. Your passion comes though loud and clear.
    Passion can be a very good thing, in that you can derive much creative energy from strong beliefs.
    You seem to be getting the hang of the site very quickly. It is being designed as user friendly and intuitive as possible. When you get a chance, check out my article "dropping anchor at Writers’ Harbor", in which I am trying to run through the various options step-by-step. That is a work-in-progress, and I have quite a bit more to do…
    We had a great hunk of computer code written up a while back, relating to "families" and "groups", and the various ways people can have their own "family" here on WH. With the surprise demise of the old home of "Vicious Writers", we are quickly brushing off that code, and moving to get your "new home" set up spick and span.
    Hopefully this coming 7 to 10 days, you will see what I mean.
    Meanwhile, a warm welcome to "Writers’ Harbor", and may you find the waters calm and clear.

  2. I was re-reading your story, and I was musing about "protest" and what it means to sense injustice, and to be agitated by it.

    I tried to express a similar intense emotion recently, and I’m not sure if you would relate to it or not. But here it is, anyway:

    To My Big Brother

  3. i think you mean mr to be me in the 3rd stanza 3rd line?

    I like that an i agree, i’m not sure why you thought that i wouldn’t. but i do agree. i have no problem and they shouldn’t be discriminated against.
    nice writing

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