Believe your trustworthy media?? – October 6, 2010

Posted on October 6, 2010

Believe your trustworthy Media? – October 6, 2010 Laughing

With the mid term elections looming, the American ‘Oil and Gas Man’ may ask himself how much trust and reliance he can reasonably place on the Bally-Hoopla overwhelmingly Left Wing Media. Not a lot, is his most likely conclusion. Why? Well, these are the same trustworthy, unbiased, objective journalists who:

* concentrated all their cameras on less than thirty acres of oil down Plaquemines Parish way, ignoring the
thousands and thousands of acres of unspoiled marshland surrounding it.
* concentrated all their cameras on a minute fraction of the coastline that was affected, ignoring the
overwhelming majority of beaches unaffected.
* ignored for months, not just for weeks, this INCONVENIENT FACT: the hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Gulf
States alone, that depend directly or indirectly on the Investment in Oil and Gas Exploration. I say “ignored ”
with emphasis. Not a mention. It seemed as if BP was some Monolithic Giant, the personification of All Evil, and
somehow synonymous with “US Oil and Gas Sector “. Duh.
* ignored for months, not just for weeks, this INCONVENIENT FACT: everybody who has a 401(K), or any similar
retirement fund, Private or State, was losing out, big time, as BP stock tanked. I checked my 401(K) within 24
hours. I owned no BP stock directly, but some of my mutual funds had significant exposure. I watched all the
major media Outlets for weeks and weeks. Surely SOMEBODY would mention these INCONVENIENT FACTS? Hell, no. It
was just one long, drawn out BP Slam Fest.
* endangered jobs and livelihoods of thousands of good folk working in hotels, boarding houses, and related
tourist industries.

A few, a very odd few, have dared to raise a little murmur. “Maybe we over did it… ”
“Maybe people got hurt because of our biased coverage… “
See the story quoted elsewhere on this web site.
But most, ever eager to pour gasoline on the fire, any fire, are just as belligerently ANTI the US Oil and Gas Worker as ever.

The midterm elections are approaching. Do you really believe one word the Media are telling you? That the economy is in great shape? That the TARP bailout was a success? That the tax payer is NOT on the hook for 700 Billion, but “only ” for 90 Billion? That growth is underway? That housing is improving? That job losses are not as bad as expected? Try telling that to the thousands of people worrying about the future of their jobs today, courtesy of this stunningly under-qualified regime currently in power and preening itself for the gullible Jo Public.

Stand by for pre-election tricks of the trade. Nothing much would surprise me. Will they end the Moratorium? I doubt it. Little Barry O. is far too frightened of the noisy environmental movement. They matter much more to him than a few hundred thousand jobs in those ungrateful Gulf states. Scrapping the Moratorium would require a modicum of common sense, a commodity rare amongst the Washington elite. But if they DID do so, with great fanfare, watch for the other hand… For what does it gain the US Oil Man, if the Moratorium gets canceled, but ‘the other hand’ effectively continues to strangle Gulf of Mexico development by the means of the bureaucratic hand? Canceling permits, introducing long paper shuffling delays, short term rule changes, short term different interpretations of rules…? The complaints of bureaucratic obstacles have reached an all time high.

The immediate casualty of this do-gooder, bunny hugging, wholly unrealistic ‘environmental extremism’ is business investment confidence. If you are a Multi-National, and faced with a choice between the Gulf of Mexico (hostile politicians, sue-happy, infinite liability, rabid left-wing media, bureaucratic bloody-mindedness…) and some overseas Nation where they are waiting with open arms… where are you going to go?

I checked my portfolio within 24 hours of the Deepwater Explosion. I didn’t have BP directly, only indirectly through Mutual Funds. I did have Trans-Ocean. I like them. I always thought it was a well run company.
I still own them. Sure, the stock took a dip, and it still has some way to come back. But they have departed the Gulf, they are based in Switzerland… and I’m sure they are shaking their heads. Gulf of Mexico? USA? To face a bunch of intellectual lightweights in Government, who think the year is 1914? And who still yap on about “Capitalism “? AS opposed to Free Market Enterprise? I don’t think they will ever be back. Bye-bye…
The same or similar for Anadarko, Diamond Offshore, Ensco…?? Who else?

And of course, stand by for an emotional Little Barry OH-Ba-Mah making some tear-jerker speech and trying some massive blanket amnesty immigration coup. Out of the goodness of his heart of course. Nothing to do with Power, keeping Power, staying in Power, cost what cost.

These are trying times for anybody who depends on the economic health of the American Oil and Gas Worker.

The Media spin is in full swing. A healthy dose of Bull Manure is coming our way…

Horace Oilee


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