A Tour of My Heart…

Posted on April 23, 2008

Imperfect… immature. Selfish, trusting and needy…

This is how I came into the world. This is how it began.

I needed love. I didn’t know what love was.

The very one I knew to seek love from…

Had no earthly idea how to give it

So, I was… Rejected.


What’s a small town boy know about love? What does anyone know?

Do they really care?

Me? I Care!

I Care deeply.

I know how it feels and I still feel the pain.

My heart breaks for loneliness!

My loneliness cries in groans too deep to…


If I had known then just what I know now

Would it make any difference? Would it all change somehow?

As if by some magic, some spoken word

I could make it all better… Make right the absurd

And so I stand hoping my struggle within

Becomes something more than this mess I am in

And I become less so that you become strong

That my life is much more than a verse in a song

That when it is sung and my song is through

That all I have done points right back…

To You.

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3 responses to “A Tour of My Heart…”

  1. Dear Gordon

    You opened you heart in this profound write.
    Yes indeed how much we knew about real and true love. Only parents could teach us to love. When I grew up my parents were not talking about love or if they loved any of their children. It was difficult for them to open up and say it. I miss the word love a lot. All my life I was saying to my sons I love you’ thought was important for them to know that there is someone who truly cares from the heart. Love is a healing emotion. With out of love even the children do not develop properly. Life is difficult not having loved. It is such empty feeling in the heart. I wish you much love always.

    Thank you for sharing this sad but beautifully penned poem.


    "The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."

    – Mother Teresa

  2. Beautiful. "Make right the absurd." I really like that. I know a bit of the desire to have this war mean something. Purpose is powerful, and a Love that can bestow that is…beyond words. But you come pretty close with this poem. 😉 Thank you.

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