California Guys and their Long Hair Fetish

Posted on January 2, 2008

In California, guys have a thing about long hair.

“I mean I can see your scalp and am I really going to take you to meet my parents when your hair is an inch off your head, I mean they’ll think I’m gay! “

There was this guy who asked me to grow my hair for him. I asked why.

“I just have a thing for long, silky, straight hair on girls, ” he said, “it’s just such a turnon to be able to run my fingers through it. “

I told him no, and he cussed me out, called me a lesbian and never spoke to me again. My little sister has a straightening iron, and a hundred dollars worth of hairspray in that harshly lit bathroom. Sometimes I scream into a pillow while her hairdryer is blowing, thinking of how I’d tear my once waist-length hair out with a brush for sideways glances from holy jocks. Now I run my fingers through my spikes and sigh.

My hair is curly.

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2 responses to “California Guys and their Long Hair Fetish”

  1. Good stuff Nicole.
    I’d like it if you explored that California young men psyche more.
    That accusation a young man throws at a girl ("you’re a lesbian!")
    seems a frequent enough occurrence. Especially when he is not getting his way…!

    I wonder how many Lesbians have their sexual orientation by virtue of their genetic make up, a matter of Fate as it were, and how many have come to that life style by unhappy experiences of the male species? Or a mixture of both?

    I’m inclined to be very much non-judgemental. Who am I to judge or condemn? Especially as I have met plenty of gays who were very kind and creative people….

    How you?

  2. lol gay guys are mens revenge against women. It’s like the hottest guys in the world just got together and started chanting "you can’t have us nanananana!" punks.

    This was actually a phone convo I had with a guy I was considering going out with. He asked me to grow my hair because he had a thing for "long, silky straight hair." I stopped him right there and said "well my hair is curly" and he started stuttering and said something along the lines of "well, you could uh…straighten it." Okay, sure, I’ll go through all that trouble just for you. I like my short hair! He got pissed. Punk.

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