For Beverly

Posted on June 13, 2012

Beyond the next horizon
Across another sea
There is a world of wonder
Waiting there to see

As a wild dove must take to wing
So it is with we
Again we roam afar from home
To find what there may be

We take delight to see new sights
And so we now must say
Where off we go we do not know
Yet we are on our way

We shall be away before the day
Can greet the rising sun
Our path is ever onward
We two who walk as one

We’ll wander through a forest deep
And ford the river wide
We’ll stroll a shore and do much more
My true love at my side

There is wine we’ve not yet tasted
And songs we have not heard
Bread we’ve yet to savor
We’ll speak with beast and bird

We’ll gaze in fall on mountains tall
And scale them if we will
Then swim a sea my dear and me
And together do more still

We will abide on oceans wide
On a ship we shall set sail
She will bear we two upon the blue
Defying tide and gale

We’ll walk in ancient ruins
Where only spirits dwell
And listen under starlight
To the tales they have to tell

We’ll seek out places far and wild
Which most would view with dread
And feel content at being there
Where others will not tread

We will welcome each adventure
As we would a new born day
And know the joys awaiting us
As we wend along our way

This world is ours to cherish
We have but to make a start
And so it is I venture forth
With the companion of my heart

Two souls with but one purpose
To discover what we will
And share the marvels to be found
That lie behind each hill

Listen….in the distance
Can you hear the clarion call?
And now my lady love and I
Set off to do it all

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1 response to For Beverly

  1. All good fun.

    I imagine your "lady love" was happy to receive this…

    Just playing around a bit with the word music, I stopped a few times, indicating a "jolt" that might be caused by the reader (me) or the writer (you).  You can decide that. I found myself idly wondering about:

    "As a wild dove must take to wing"   maybe:  "as a wild dove takes to wing"
                                             or:  "as a wild dove flees to wing"

    "We shall be away before the day"     maybe: "we’ll be away before the day"

    "She will bear we two upon the blue"   kind of repetitive to previous line

    "Where others will not tread"    the verb "to will" is okay, but not strong. Maybe "where others dare not tread" ?

    "Listen….in the distance     – u / – u / – u /
    Can you hear the wild call?"    – u / – u / – – /
    "wild" is okay, but not strong. Also, the rhythm takes a slight mis-beat.    ("wild call") Maybe:

    "listen… in the distance    – u / – u / – u
    can you hear the haunting call"   – u / – u / – u / –

    All good stuff. Keep pushing the envelope.

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