He and I

Posted on June 8, 2012

Oh, how capricious God must be
To have made a creature such as me

Did he blunder, did he err?
Or did he shape this man with care?

Could I have been brought forth in jest?
Or did he really do his best?

I am imperfect this I know
But who was it that made me so?

He gave me reason gave me doubt
The latter I can live without

He bids me always to be just
Yet then he fills my heart with lust

I am a soul with goals and dreams
Who ventures into foolish schemes

I am equipped with hope and fear
Rage and humor both dwell here

At times I walk with head held high
At others I can only sigh

The cretin I can often be
Is here for all the world to see

In the reflections of my mind
It is myself I seek to find

And in my hours of ill content
He has unwelcome questions sent

I answer them as best I can
For I am but a mortal man

Contradictions such as these
Have often brought me to my knees

My spirit broken in despair
Searching for some answers there

Reply there was, I have free will
This empty slate is mine to fill

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One response to “He and I”

  1. Ah, very good. The fun-poke jab at all things sacred, including self.
    It is good for one to do so.  Healthy.
    Easy to read, easy to chuckle at. Nice flow, meter. You polished this, did you not?

    I relate to it.  

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