Rouge Begins

Posted on August 26, 2011

Rouge Begins

Within the shelled remains,
Hanging by a slender thread ,
Wept a bleeding woman
Sherman’s men left for dead.
The Yankees’ siege of Good Hope
Had turned her town to rubble
Causing curses to flow
Which called forth a devil.

It stared at her beaten form
And smirked a demonic grin,
“You woke me for vengeance
So you’ll sleep not again.
Death will be your calling card
Though you will not find its peace.
A gift bestowed most vile
I give with this embrace. “

It grasped her by her dark locks
And whisked her into Its arms
With teeth bared It bit down.
Her neck given to harm.
The chill of the grave It gave
Without the darkness of dirt.
Such a burning hunger.
Eternally she’d thirst.

Hunting for hunger’s sake,
Such a sanguine simplicity.
An animal’s predictability.
Precious life she must take.
A choice chosen desperately
Gave no quarter in immortality!

Its cursed gift filled her deeply
As she dived into darkness.
It savored her sin and
Spoke with devilishness.
“Yes, I give that which you crave,
The despair of dark desire
Though it will make you mad
With its vindictive fire! “

Thus, her broken body heaved.
Convulsing without reprieve.
Her mortal soul taken,
A token for which she’d grieve
As years turned to memories
And time would show no mercy
Like the victims hunted
Whom she gave no pity.

After her descendency
It howled with insidious mirth,
“I set your vengeance loose,
But will you find its worth? “
That last question lingered on
Perplexing the succubus.
A woman, human no more,
Left to hunt among us.

Sherman’s men ran fearfully for the sea
Burning all behind along their trail
In hopes that the demon now in pursuit
Would some how find its way back to hell.


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