Memories Chained (Within the Darkness A Legion Waits)

Posted on August 5, 2011

Memories Chained
(Within the Darkness A Legion Waits)
Enraptured by self-pity and prozac,
Life’s poetry and prose became subjugated.
Compassion soured with corruption,
As indulgence was championed – advocated.

We became mired
Between and beneath
The past and the future.
The distance ‘tween the two
Burdened our perception
Of the here and now.
We could not glimpse
Our humanity
As it succumbed,
A victim of our dying piety,
Hidden within pixels
And plastics
That were hailed
As our saviour,
That which would connect and bring closer,
As the horror of reality reached its closure,
Separated and divided
Not only from those moments physical
But emotional as well as that deemed spiritual.
In effect,
We became the doppelganger
Of what we once sought to be.
An image translucent,
Seen soulless
Staring back from an electric glow
Eclectically reaching
For cohesion
But only finding futility
In our lack of ability
For adhesion.

How our words failed
And wisdom faltered
When what we stood for
Into catechisms
Alienated by contempt,
Conformity and convenience.

Within those shadows
Betwixt the dream we shared
And the nightmare we now live
Dwell the souls lost,
Left behind,
An intangible mass
Behind the glass
Struggling for composure,
For palpability.
Bound by our culpability,
Within the darkness,
A legion waits.

Littered about our necks,
Memories chained.
A rosary caressed,
Worn with disdain.


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One response to “Memories Chained (Within the Darkness A Legion Waits)”

  1. Oh, yes!  Lots and lots for us readers to delve into there. Actually, I’ve read it several times, and I’m still weaving a subtle web of images and impressions.
    This is excellent.


    Welcome to Writers’ Harbor!

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