an exercise in funky

Posted on May 13, 2009

NOTE: Sorry to say that unfortunately the utube embedding is disabled on this version of Yellow Moon – so you are gonna have to use the URL to open a link in a new window to be able to listen to the music at the same time as you read this – highly suggested – your choice.

Now . . .listen and read.

Don’t worry about any words – just listen to the sound – listen to the funky beat – the hammond B3 organ in there – the slippery saxaphone – the rhythms racing around frantically, buzzin’ like bees on the swarm in the afternoon sun – grabbing hold of you and squeezing the lifelessness outta you – it’s all funquer, eh? no sleazy, amatuerish humps and bumps here – this rhythm/counter-rhythm arises to new heights – winding and grinding not only your hips but your soul – yin and yang come to sound . this is life in vibrato – music you can ride upon in any waking dream as surely as if it were a magic carpet …and it is so much better when the sound waves twine and whine around you all hot and sweaty and barefooted in Tipitinas on a humid August night, too full of gin and tonic, the smell of ginja in the air- breathe that second hand smoke deeply – all funquer, eh? Those sound waves slither around you like tentacles – grabbing hold of you and pulling you away from the mundane, the everyday – right through the roof that just evaporated and into the starry night of time and space. It suspends you there under a yellow moon as the beat just goes on and on, stronger and stronger – more complex with guitar screaming in ecstasy and breaking, breaking, breaking away now. And just like that saxaphone ride – it is never enough and can only end as does the song in a quivering explosion of rhythm and horn, a cacaphony of sound that penetrates the last inhibition you have and you whisper "yes" and let go and ride ….again and again and again…. That, my friend is what funk is – "all sweet and funky like."

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