Francis Meyrick

The Soft Regret

Posted on October 11, 2022

I have had this type of personal attack, the harsh word? Many times. To my face, in person. And via Cyberspace. I have had it from family. From friends.
Since experience shows a careful, measured response from me? Often means they quickly delete their post? Run? I shall therefore quote it within my text, as well.
Quote: “stop pushing these lies. I have personally known people who survived Dachau under Dr Mengele . It was real. You get to push this propaganda because there aren’t enough witnesses left to call you a liar.”
My first reaction is usually a slight ripple of indignation. The newcomer to our Holocaust group, is, after all, in their first post, not wasting time. They are going straight to the jugular, and impugning my character. I am a liar, apparently. A black heart. I have evil intent. But they have arrived now, banner fluttering, pennants flying in the breeze, galloping in with the White Hats. You can almost hear the chorus of trumpets of the heavenly legions, blasting a fanfare.
My second reaction, as tonight, suffering from my usual searing insomnia, laced with ugly flashbacks, is usually much more calm, and measured. The soft regret. The quiet of the night often takes my mind back to places and times, events and violence, that I might wish I could forget. Knowing I cannot, ever.
I might address this person, this detractor, and millions of other kindred spirits to him? With the soft word, not the harsh.
But would they even listen, for a moment?
If I told them, that I too, once believed that ‘Schindler’s List’ was a fair representation of what terrible things happened in Hitler’s camps?
If I told them I too spent years with a strange guilt feeling about what happened to the Jews?
If I told them I was then, for years, reluctant to say (or hear) a single cross word about the Jews?
If I told them I mourned the children hiding in the latrines, and the scratches gouged in the cement/concrete, by dying, gassed Jews? The bodies piled up in Auschwitz, being moved along by bulldozer? In great, heaving, grotesque, moving mountains? Of dead humans, once feeling, once reflecting, once loving, and now staring unseeingly with hollow eyes, at a world uncaring?
No. I don’t think they would listen.
If I told them I started to do research, to better attack those awful Nazis? And that, slowly, slowly, my eyes opened wide? In an entirely different horror?
No, I don’t think they would listen.
And why is that, I ask myself?
Because YOU? Are like me. Weak. Easily led. Shallow. Unwilling to do the intellectual research. Eager to quickly ascend into the shining clouds of moral virtue, with the MINIMUM of effort.
You cannot (I struggle to, also) wrap your brain around a race of people (the Jews) ( I say it out loud), who are pathological, inbred, malevolent, calculating, systematic, 5th columnist, usurpers, usurers and hardened, outrageous liars. Who hate manual work, hard labor, but who know every stinking trick in their vile, demonic, un-holy books, of how to live off & exploit the aching backs of those who do. Work, in the sweat of their brows.
There are millions of you. Innocents, or alternatively. Paragons of virtue. Sitting in harsh judgment of the likes of me. And there are millions of us, who were formerly like you. Doing the research. Our tired eyes, slowly opening. Wide.
Who will gain ascendancy?
I leave the reader to ponder that.
But I make you a final comment. The observation of this fool’s life time.
I have tried. I have been sincere in many of my efforts, but also massively misguided. Fooled. Tricked. Through all the fog and war? The trickery and the intrigue? The broken promises? And worse, the cold treachery of our once-leaders? Men who we naively looked up to? Who, as it turned out later, betrayed us?
Through and past all that? I have watched my ancestral homelands increasingly invaded, and over run. The contributions of my forefathers? Their labors, their gifts to us? Vilified, mocked, denigrated, dragged off the white, marble plinth on which they once stood, with honor, in our memories.
And every time? When I did the research? When I dug deeper, to the best of my humble abilities? I encountered? The Jew.
Stirring. Destroying. Mocking.
The evidence, I submit, softly, is out there. It can be found, if only you would look. It can be discovered, measured, weighed, and proven true, by those pilgrims, who sincerely trek along Life’s brief, rocky path.
I close with my own, personal study notes. They are nothing grand, just my own amateur efforts. All you who so gloriously heap condemnation on my head? You NEVER look at them, or address even ONE of these MANY issues, that massively undermine & torpedo the ‘six million Jews’ extortion myth. It’s a scam. A political leverage ploy. It’s crude as hell.
It’s also a teeter-tottering house of cards. Grubby, marked, corrupt.
I predict, eventually?
It will fall.
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@FrancisMeyrick stop pushing these lies. I have personally know people who survived Dachau under Dr Mengele . It was real. You get to push this propaganda because there aren’t enough witnesses left to call you a liar.

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