Francis Meyrick

A change in tactics

Posted on September 16, 2022

Where the Holocaust is concerned?
There has been a change in tactics of the ever-lying, ever-spinning #TalmudicMafia on GAB.
I’ve noticed it this last while, and it’s centrally orchestrated & coordinated. The Tel Aviv massed ranks of basement dwellers. And the Bible-belters, with their Schofield Bibles, and their lobotomized, pro-Israel, frazzled-nuked minds.
1) they used to argue back, and claim the Holocaust was ABSOLUTELY TRUE, and bring up the weirdest reasoning and fake facts. We, collectively, in this group, would shoot ’em down. In flames. The ‘six millions Jews’ is logically indefensible, anyway.
So what did they do then?
Start claiming that they were “Not interested in discussing the Holocaust.”
Chick-chick-chicken. Run-run-run.
They’d still make outrageous claims. Post fake photos. Post false quotes.
But if we’d challenge ’em? They would just say they were “not interested” in discussing the Ho-ho-thing.
2) So we would then simply QUOTE their fake photos, wild statements, fraudulent facts, mis-quotes, etc, and STILL shoot ’em down. That worked quite well for a while, but now, collectively, ‘they’ have taken to instantly blocking whoever quotes their lie. And exposes it.
It’s instant. So that leaves you with:
“This quoted status is unavailable because the author has you blocked.”
And it sometimes is hard to tell what’s going on, because our refuting the lie? Doesn’t make sense without the text of the quoted lie.
It’s still classic Chick-chick-chicken. Run-run-run.
So, here’s our response:
A) Quote their lie IN THE BODY of what YOU write. You can still ‘quote’ their lying nonsense in the usual ‘quote’ manner, but ALSO include it INSIDE YOUR own protected text. That way, if they quickly block you? We can still figure out what it’s all about.
B) Because so many of us are now blocked by these extortion-scam cowards?
Help us out by posting-quoting their cr*p into our group. Preferably inside the body of your own protected text! That way we can reply, expose the lie, and THEY can’t do diddley squat about it.
That way we can keep the battle for Truth going. Most of these folk are flat-out lying. It’s a minority, real naive & uninformed, who still sincerely believe that ‘six million Jews’ WERE in fact gassed by the ‘Nazis’ in homicidal gas chambers, bla-bla-blah, disguised as shower rooms.
Keep it classy, have fun, never quit.

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