Francis Meyrick


Posted on September 13, 2022



Name-calling is frowned upon, on GAB. You tend to have a much more sophisticated Gabber, and they know ‘ad hominem’ attacks simply do not advance the conversation. People who are intellectually under equipped, and unable to present their thinking in logical prose, lazily report to “You-are-ignorant” trivia. It’s a recipe for people losing interest in what you have to say, and even blocking you.

A LOT of people in our Holocaust work group formerly believed in the ‘six million Jews’. I did, also. for decades. Eventually, one by one, we started to weigh the evidence. The rest is History.

I’m slowly building up my own study notes, and you’ll find them at the link below.

I recommend the ‘faithful’ (those who sincerely believe in the Holocaust) might like to look at the ‘Holocaust Normie Challenge List’. This is a list of Holocaust ‘sticking points’, (By no means exhaustive, btw) and we’ll be happy to listen to what you have to say on any single one of those points.

The last thing we need in any of our groups is an ‘echo chamber’ or a ‘mutual admiration society’. So differing opinions, backed up with Historical references, are perfectly welcome.

Please join our Holocaust/Holodomor & ALL the other forgotten massacres, study group. Keep it classy, and open your mind.


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