Francis Meyrick

This is the winter of your seething Discontent

Posted on September 13, 2022



This is the winter of your seething discontent

Another crop of ‘brand new’ GAB members, (alias identity number 27, 28, 28…) tirelessly re-cycling, over and over again, the same old same old.
The long since debunked stuff of silly & nonsense.
I really see no point in engaging with you, if you don’t honestly seek the truth. If all you do is spew hatred, and childish invective. When you demonstrate poor taste, limited grammar, and no class. When you try, so transparently, to project your seething cauldron of discontent onto me.
I and mine are not ‘the haters’. Not even the ‘Jew-haters’.
You are the haters.
You hate honesty. You hate making the effort to study History. You hate thinking out of the box. You hate education. You hate gentle words, and compassion. You hate people who can calmly, politely, logically, surgically even, list page after page of reasonable, well-founded arguments.
That slaughter the . That expose and annihilate the world’s premier nepotism racket, also know as . That point out how The German people were framed, genocided, extorted, milked & bilked, purely for wanting to be happy, and free of Rothschild and Jewish cruelty. Their usury banking, their exploitation, their endless tricks, their raging perversity & shocking immorality.

We do not hate. We respect the Universe. We know our brevity in terms of Life and Consciousness. We bow our heads in awe of that which we barely discern. The vague shapes, that hover, distantly, in our waking consciousness, and pass, beckoning, through our dreams.
We do not hate. We mourn. What you have done. What you have become.
We hold your lies & fabrications in cold contempt.
Within us stirs a great love, for the God we seek, our people, and the patient stars at night.

And we shall resolutely oppose you, every step of your demonic, cruel ways.



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