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The 50 cent pocket calculator versus the ‘six million’

Posted on September 13, 2022


The 50 cent pocket calculator versus the ‘six million’.

The likes of Justin Fidel Trudeau, while he’s banning any diminution/lessening of the Ho-ho-thing, might as well go the whole hog, and ban that most terrible slur of all. You know. The damnable, anti-Semitic, hate-filled, um…
50 cent pocket calculator.
(Free with five gallon of gas)
Is it any wonder that you’re not allowed, under pain of societal excommunication, to bring one to Holocaust class?

  1. at Auschwitz, the Jewish management themselves, under pressure from Historians (and the hate-filled, neo-Nazi, 50 cent calculators), were forced to lower the death toll a fraction. Just a smidgeon. A tad. A butterfly’s butt width.
    From 4 million to ‘approx’ 1.5 million.
  2. At Majdanek, the Jewish Management themselves, under pressure from historians, etc, etc, were also forced to lower the death toll a tiddley bit. From from just under two million (1,922,000), down to just 78,000.

So this is were the nasty little electronic calculator devil rears its neo-Nazi head. Going purely off these two ‘revisions’ approved by JEWISH Management, NOTHING and NOBODY ELSE, we see a tiny drop from 5,922,000 down to 1,578,000. Which calculates out to, well, exactly what?

I don’t know. The Mathematics is the number 4,344,000.
Which is 72.4 % of the alleged ‘six million’.
But what does it represent? Take your pick.
Is it: Jews happily come alive, re-born, having been ‘immediately gassed’, upon arrival, in gas chambers, disguised as showers?
Is it: a minor detail, a minor hitch, nothing to see here, so what, move along?
Is it a truly ridiculous example of how utterly absurd the whole Jewish ‘Six Million’ story actually is?

Given the fact that the total CLAIMED remains at ‘six million Jews’ regardless! Just do a search if you don’t believe me. If you believe the Jews? Then the minor technical adjustment of 4,344,000 DOWN FROM 6,000,000? A 72.4 % drop? Is, um, insignificant.
And that’s just TWO camps, Auschwitz and Majdanek. Nothing else.
We’re down from ‘6 million’ to 1,656,000.

Perhaps now, those long-concealed figures provided by the International Red Cross?
271,301? Deaths in all the camps, from all causes, put together? ALL nationalities?

Begin to make a whole lot more sense.

It’s a far, far, VERY FAR cry, from the utterly absurd ‘six million Jews murdered’.


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