Francis Meyrick

It’s 9-11, again

Posted on September 11, 2022

It’s the anniversary of 9-11.
And I am back, where I was then, on that, fateful, treacherous day.
I was alone, at the controls, of a Law Enforcement OH-58 helicopter, patrolling, as ordered, by the Sheriff personally.
Dispatch had ordered me into the air. Staring at the Television screen, at our airport office, I had murmured: “Ma’am, from what I’m understanding? I think we’re all grounded. Everybody. Can you double check that launch, please?”
There was a crackle, a moment, and the Boss came on. “I need you in the air, son.”
“Yes, Sir.”
I won’t ever forget that endless patrol, punctuated by several hot re-fuels. Blades turning.
I was alone with my thoughts. Going where directed. Scrolling through all the ATC frequencies, such as L.A. Center, normally a frenetic rat-tat-tat of focused voices.
Now, only unreal, ghostly silence. The silence of the grave.
It’s stayed, preying on my mind, ever since. The acute sense that there were dark, demonic Forces at work here. Operating with a planned, astonishing, genocidal cruelty.
Twenty-one years later, I can close my eyes, and still hear the slap of blades, the turbine whine, the steady vibrations, and my Dispatch, intermittently directing me to potential targets. There was so much confusion.
My disquiet has only increased. The conviction has only steadily grown. That the true enablers, perpetrators, and conspirators? Are not only walking around, free. But they occupied then, for goodness’ sake, and some still do today, the absolute highest positions in our ‘Government’. More accurately described (as Mr Sabrosky does here) as a “Puppet Regime for Israel”.
The burning question now, friend? Having gotten away, scot-free, with the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, un-audited, personal piggy-bank control of the laughably mis-named ‘Federal Reserve’? Having gotten away with all kinds of cruelly unnecessary wars & intrigues? Having gotten away with, ha-ha-ha!, basically wholesale looting of everything in sight, from the American Treasury, to Social Security, to the rich stock market pickings? Courtesy of blatant, in-your-face insider trading, market rigging, and sundry sneaky devilry?
I submit they have grown so devilishly arrogant, that no target is too high, too far, too outrageous, or too demonic. I submit they are capable of anything. From carpet bombing Iran, casually killing tens of thousands of innocents, if it suits them, to Bio-Pharma, mass murdering….
us. You, and me.
Take your time, grab a coffee, watch the video.
Let me know what you think.

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