Francis Meyrick

Masters of Mendacity

Posted on September 10, 2022

Masters of Mendacity

Dear sweet Lord, do they lie. They lie not just like hairy eggs. Hell, no. They lie like the entire poultry farm. They lie like there is no tomorrow. They lie with panache, with flair, with elan, with a unique style of lying, that nobody else can hold a sputtering candle to. They lie with wailing, copious tears, hand-wringing and epic pathos. They lie with massed rows of hard-lying Holocaust ‘survivors’. They lie with their ever-expanding, taxpayer-funded, Holocaust museums. They lie with their endowments, their synagogues, their NGO’s, their monuments. Every word they wail about the ‘six million Jews’, is a damnable lie.
And if they are caught out? As they often are? Constantly, in fact? Hopelessly, embarrassingly, egg-all-over-Jew-face? If their little extortion racket gets nuked? Like the world’s (don’t laugh) ‘foremost Holocaust expert’ Raul Hilberg, admitting, sheepishly, in court, 1985, that he was ‘at a loss’ to produce ANY evidence, that even ONE SINGLE JEW WAS GASSED by the Germans? Do you think they back off the lie? Re-group? Think again?
Hell, no.
As long as there are gullible-gullible Americans, Brits, French, Millennials, Boomers, Trapeze Artists, Fire-walkers, Hottentots and Eskimos around? Who are willing to be fleeced, fooled, moved to tears, and converted to fervent Nazi-haters? You can rely on the , shamelessly, without remorse or pang of guilt, to keep on keeping on.
Just crank out another weepy-weepy Spiel-maker movie. Crank up their world’s finest nepotism racket, . Take out another strangler choke hold on the educational material supplied to schools & Universities.
Insist, using every Freemasonic connection you own, on mandatory Holocaust brainwashing for all. Bring in felony laws for ‘deniers’.

But how about Raul Hilberg’s epic cratering?

Admitting, sheepishly, in court, 1985, that he was ‘at a loss’ to produce ANY evidence, that even ONE SINGLE JEW WAS GASSED by the Germans?
Oh, never mind. Just ignore it. As long as there are enough dum-dums and Zionists, Judeo-Christians and Bible-Belt retards, swallowing the warm pap?
Carry on, boys! Fleece the Goyim! Just follow the Torah’s cynical advice!
Pile on the same lies! No business like Shoah business!

And you see it here on GAB. We slaughter them, with cold FACTS, every time they stick their silly faces above the ramparts. So what do they do? They decide, en masse on their united approach. Guess what? They are “not interested” in discussing the Holocaust? Oh, yes. Not just yellow, but twenty four shades of ‘say Cheese!’

Tomorrow is the 21st anniversary of a cold-blooded, premeditated massacre, of 3,000 innocents. The exact same robber tribe, Masters of Genocide, will step up to the plate, and solemnly point stern fingers at the Muslim World. Everywhere, except at themselves. The signs are that imminent major bombing raids may well take place on Iran, with incalculable loss of life. How many died in previous Middle Eastern wars? For what? American vital interests? Like hell! How many more Muslims will die, and American sons and daughters, because of the unspeakably evil machinations, scheming, plotting of the world’s premier Masters of Mendacity?

You will accuse me of anti-Semitism (whatever that is) and ‘Hate Speech’.
Yet I try and live without hate. Such insidious poison rots the vessel that tries to contain it? From the inside out.

But I do feel a tremendous coldness. A hardness of heart.

We have spoken, to the best of our simple abilities, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as we sincerely see it. Do as you wish.

We answer to a higher court.



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