Francis Meyrick

White, and Proud

Posted on September 10, 2022


White, and proud

I am perfectly happy, content, at ease with being WHITE. Proud, if you like.
(Well, admittedly, with a Green-ish tinge. No, I don’t mean the dubious patee-foie.
Just the Gaelic, like)
I also believe the endless onslaught, the tsunami of recent bad news?
Has re-taught me, once again, an old truth. Namely that our White Race is capable of great, soaring goodness. We can climb the pinnacles of brilliant achievement, in innumerable fields. We did before, and we shall, again.
But how, at times, we have been fooled, misled. How many brave, courageous men, have been led into needless battle. David Irving (“The Struggle for Power”) led me to a bitter realization about the Cruel Masters that Winston Churchill so slavishly served.
Dr. Friedrich Stieve’s little book (“What the world rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1939-1940”) confirmed it. My conclusion? WW2 was totally unnecessary. Just another Jew-stoked, cruel debacle for my poorly misled, poorly served people.
It led me to read many a book, follow many a lead, and finally, bitterly, admit to myself, that I had been totally wrong, on a great many issues.
There too, a certain poignancy. I remember sitting on the couch, as a young lad, with my father, watching Winston Churchill’s funeral on our black-and-white television. My father, tears in his eyes. And I, hushed in awe. ‘Twas a fine cathedral service, even the music stage managed, to the nth detail, by the dear departed, war-mongering b*st*rd himself.
I know my father and his comrades, in those dark days, blacked out, clustered around the radio, listened to that man’s voice, believing it to be the savior himself, riding in to rally the troops. But now we know better. How Churchill KNEW from the Bletchley code-breakers’ work, that Hitler positively, absolutely, did NOT want war with Britain and France.
It was Churchill, bought and paid for, (Focus Group, Focus Group), who, in essence, flat-out, kept all that invaluable information secret from even his cabinet colleagues.
He LIED to his Government, and LIED to the British people. About Hitler’s intentions, desires, and aims.
Ah, what could have been. What could have been prevented.

The real enemies of then, the same real despots TODAY, the real evil? That confront my people today? Occupy every seat of power they can keep their bloodied talons in. They control the laughably mis-named “Mainstream Media” (MSM), which they use to relentlessly serve up an alternative, FALSE, pseudo Reality. In which the White Race is blamed, scathingly, relentlessly, for all the demonic evil THEY themselves inflicted.

One of my retreats, when I need it, is ancient Buddhist poetry, which I love. Their harmony with the Universe, their peaceful intent. Or, at other times, my Harley, slamming around a sixty mph curve at ninety-five. But I was taught to shoot and fight. I am no stranger to lethal force. I understand what it is, to desire Peace. And to be sorely disappointed.
I shall not go quietly, into the night.

I refer to the above mentioned book of Dr Friedrich Stieve.

“Written by Germany’s foremost diplomatic historian of the early twentieth century, this work maps out all the numerous times that Adolf Hitler made unconditional offers of peace to all the nations of Europe – and how the major anti-German belligerents, France and Britain, turned down these offers, each and every time.
The author lists all of Hitler’s offers in detail, complete with quotes, starting with his first offer of May 17, 1933, his second offer of December 18, 1933, his third offer of May 21, 1935, his fourth offer of March 31, 1936, his fifth offer of September 30, 1938, his sixth offer of December 6, 1938, his seventh offer of late 1939 to Poland to settle the Danzig Corridor issue peacefully, and finally, his offer of world peace on October 6, 1939, just over a month after Britain and France had declared war on Germany for invading Poland on September 1 (but not on the Soviet Union, which had also invaded Poland on September 17)”

I understand what it is, to desire Peace. And to be sorely disappointed.
I shall not go quietly, into the night…

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