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Your mouth runneth over, unwisely, Mister Giuliani

Posted on September 10, 2022

Your mouth runneth over, unwisely, Mister Giuliani

Unwise, indeed, the man who boasts, on the subject of 9-11:
“…it was the worst day of my life and in some ways, you know, the greatest day of my life, in terms of my city, my country, my family.”

(Your greatest day, eh? Is that how your tiny, vain, pompous, parading mind works?)
And I’m not surprised he has earned quite the smack-down for this egocentric musing. It comes across that he is in love with the tawdry distractor-image that the ever-lying JSMM has craftily painted of him. Namely that he was some kind of (sniff!) magnificent hero, staunchly and nobly ‘leading’ New York through its worst day. Standing on the barricades, as it were, unflinching, against the volleys of arrows all ah-incoming. Etc, etc. Three cheers! Monument to Rudy, please! Speech, speech, speech!
(Bah, humbug. You silly, little, pretentious man)

But something else he prattled on about, in his Narcissistic, crowing self-adulation, caught my attention. Look at this now:

‘It was the worst foreign attack on this country since the war of 1812. It was a complete surprise. It was an attack on completely innocent people and I watched it first hand,’ he added. (crowed)
(Wow. Look at me!) Meh.
But I have a question for you, dear ‘first hander’.

And that, Rudi baby, are the questions millions of us have asked, ever more dryly, even cynically, as time has marched on, and sticky, smelly evidence has cascaded forth, pouring out of the skeleton cupboard.
Or are you just another bought little bit-player, playing along with a false JSMM narrative, that you know full well, is sickeningly FALSE?
We know, for sure, that you know all about the Jew-call, warning thousands of Jews, (4,000??), to quietly (sneakily) stay-the-hell AWAY from the Twin Towers, on the morning of 9-11. Thus cruelly ABANDONING their unfortunate Goyim colleagues to their ghastly fates.
Lying in the rubble, wounded, in agony, crying out for help that tried so bravely and HEROICALLY to arrive, but never made it. Waving frantically out of those smashed windows. Or, in a last human act, thinking only of loved ones, thinking of Life, slipping by, temperatures soaring unbearably, the despairing leap to their Death.
Or was it a demonic-vicious INSIDER job, a 5th column operation, the abysmal work of a tiny cabal of INSIDER traitor-enemies of America?
Oh, Rudy….
How did YOU get your cushy little jobs? What patronage, what sly nods, what approval, from which body, did YOU so slavishly seek? And humbly cow-tow to? With never the guts to EVER DARE ask one simple little question that went against the ‘approved’ JSMM, Hollywood film score?
Oh, Rudy…

Millions of us, more every day, simply don’t buy that story.
We don’t buy your oily, smug little “Amn’t I the hero?” narcissistic virtue flaunt.
We don’t BUY any of it, you son of a petty felon-thug, and muscle-man Mafia enforcer.

If you truly were a hero? You too, would join millions of your fellow citizens, loudly DEMANDING answers to common-sense questions, that legions of architects, demolition engineers, authors and researchers have steadily asked, for 21 YEARS now.
Grow a SPINE, Rudy. Speak the truth, ask the hard questions, for once.

And actually STAND on the barricades…

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