Francis Meyrick

Why the stupid Greed?

Posted on March 27, 2022


Why the stupid greed?

In the autumn of my little life, I, a simple enough, not-terribly-bright, God-respecting man, marvel at the human race. I really do.
For decades now, I’ve regarded Life as a very interesting, albeit too brief, sojourn on a really cool little planet. A taster, kinda thing. Hopefully, I and others are correct, and Death’s just a door, on which we shall knock, timidly, (I imagine), at the appointed time.
With a few notable exceptions, to the ‘timid’, of course.

There was always this joke going around about the Reverend Ian Paisley. A Protestant Northern Irish politician, not famed for his reticence or quiet delivery. The joke was that you could be sitting in heaven, trying to string your stupid harp, and there would be this constant timid knocking at the door. Lots of humble little spirits, recently passed, all asking, humbly, to be let in.
Then, all of a sudden?
“Whallop! Bang! Crash!”
A terrible beating on the heavenly doors.
That… would be the Reverend Ian Paisley, himself.
“Open this door this very instant! And, Jesus, get the f**k outta my chair…!!”

And thus my fellow Man, reliably, seems to make a spectacle of himself, and me.
But given the admitted brevity of the human experience, the constant risk of accidental mishap, be it from crashing helicopters or a bad case of gout, what in the holy hell is the point of crudely, SO crudely, amassing vast fleeting worldly ‘wealth’? I just don’t get it. There’s ample evidence that Biden, Clinton, Romney, Pelosi, Kerry, etc, etc, are guilty of some astonishingly shady dealings, with epic conflicts of interest. Involving not just millions, but BILLIONS. And, seriously, to cover all that up, are you going to start a war???
You’re absolutely mad. Bonkers, woof-woof, howling-at-the-moon-time.

If you don’t have the basics, shelter, food, etc. Well, life is miserable. But quickly enough, beyond a certain point? You can’t spend it, you can’t take it with you, you’re worshiping it like it’s the Golden Calf and some Class Act Hooker rolled into one? Does that Calf also give lap dances? What!?

It’s nuts. Far better to see Life as a short-lived taster, and if you’re lucky and wise, you MIGHT, just might, be able to leave the poor planet a tad better, a tad happier, when you leave, hiding the Rum bottle, than when you arrived, yelling your lungs out.

Our ‘leaders’ (usurpers?) mostly set a truly terrible -and foolish- example.

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