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Charles Biedermann and the ICRC – an extraordinary betrayal

Posted on March 21, 2022

Charles Biedermann and the ICRC – an extraordinary betrayal
Charles Biedermann was called as the Canadian Government’s 4th ‘expert witness’ against Ernst Zundel, in his second trial, in 1988. He was there representing:
1) The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
2) The International Tracing Service (ITS), based in Arolson, Germany.
What came out of Biedermann’s testimony was both positive (for Zundel) and a stunning betrayal.
Positive: A) The ICRC (who were allowed open access to all Hitler’s camps) had never found any trace of the existence of ‘Homicidal gas chambers disguised as shower rooms’.
Positive: B) although a delegate of the ICRC did visit Auschwitz, in September 1944, specifically with the purpose of investigating alleged homicidal gas chambers? He failed to find any evidence whatsoever, and could only conclude that there was ‘a rumor’ going about.
Positive: C) he admitted that he had been wrong in stating that the expression ‘extermination camp’ was used by the Germans. Biedermann confessed he did not know that the term was, in fact, an invented one. Invented, by the Allies, at the Kangaroo Nuremburg Trials.
Stunning betrayal: 1) Biedermann claimed to know nothing of (existing) ICRC documents describing the appalling treatment of German civilians just before, and just after the conclusion of hostilities. He claimed to know nothing about the massive -forced- deportations of Germans from the East, the murders, tortures, and mass rapes.
2) He claimed to know nothing about the appalling, inhumane treatment of German POW’s after the war.
3) Nothing about summary executions and, in particular, the massacre by rifle, machine gun, shovels and pickaxes, of 520 German soldiers and officers who had surrendered to the Americans at Dachau on April 29, 1945 (even though Victor Maurer, ICRC delegate, was reportedly PRESENT).
How, we may ask, was this absurd testimony even possible?
Well, this trial was in 1988. Well, obviously, the ‘International Tracing Service’ should have been able to tell pretty well exactly, down to the last person, who was in the camps, what nationality they were, and who died, and what the causes were.
Small problem. Going back to 1978, the I.T.S. had CLOSED its doors to Historians and Researchers! You may ask why?! You could only gain access if you bore a special authorization from one of the ten governments (including that of Israel) which oversee the activity of the I.T.S. Very hard to get! Why?
Biedermann also confirmed a 1964 rumor: The Russians and Poles had captured 38 or 39 detailed German death registers of the camps. The Soviets kept 36 or 37. The Poles at Auschwitz, kept 2 or 3. But NOBODY wants to authorize RESEARCH into these Registers!
Is it because it would be the conclusive END to the R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S Jewish extortion MYTH of MILLIONS of ‘Jewish Dead’ at the WORK camps??
Source:  pp 28-31  “Did six Million Jews die?”

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