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Holocaust Prosecution witness, American Professor, Christopher Browning, screaming down – in smoke & flames

Posted on March 21, 2022

Holocaust Prosecution witness, American Professor, Christopher Browning, screaming down – in smoke & flames
1988, second trial, Canada versus Ernst Zundel  (continued)
Next up: (roll of the drums) Christopher Browning, Prosecution Witness.
P-r-o-f-e-s-s-o-r. Emeritus. See:  Wikipedia
In place of Raul Hilberg there came his good buddy, Christopher Browning, an American professor who ‘specializes’ in the Holocaust. Admitted as an expert witness, Browning tried to prove that the attempt to exterminate the Jews was…
a scientifically established fact.
(This is still claimed, to this DAY.
Well, read on)
He had cause to, um, regret the experience. During cross-examination, the defense used his own arguments to destroy him. Annihilate. Castrate.
In the course of those days, people saw the tall and naive professor, who had strutted while he stood testifying, seated, shrunken in size, behind the witness stand like a schoolboy caught in a mistake. With a faint and submissive voice, he ended up acknowledging that the trial had, um, definitely taught him something about historical research.
Following the example of Raul Hilberg, P-r-o-f-e-s-s-o-r Browning…
(world renowned expert on the Holocaust…)
(drum roll)
1) had not examined any concentration camps. He had not visited any facility with “gas chambers.”
2) He had never thought of asking for an expert study of the “weapon of the crime.” In his writings he had made much of homicidal “gas vans,” but he was not able to refer to any authentic photograph, any plan, any technical study, or any expert study.
3) He was not aware that German words like “Gaswagen,” “Spezialwagen,” “Entlausungswagen” (delousing van) could have perfectly innocent meanings.
(Meaning vehicles designed by the Germans to save inmates’ lives, by preventing infectious killer diseases)
4) His technical understanding was nil.
5) He had never examined the wartime aerial reconnaissance photos of Auschwitz. He was unaware of all the tortures undergone by Germans, such as Rudolf Höss, who had spoken of gassings. (Minor stuff, you know. Like crushed genitalia, threats to family members, including daughters to be handed over to the Russians to be gang raped & killed, etc)
6) He knew nothing of the doubts expressed about some of Himmler’s speeches or about the Goebbels diary.
7) A great follower of the trials of war criminals, Browning had only questioned the prosecutors, never the defense lawyers.
8) His ignorance of the transcript of the Nuremberg trial was disconcerting. He had not even read what Hans Frank, former Governor General of Poland, had said before the Nuremberg tribunal about his “diary” and about “the extermination of the Jews.”
9) As a matter of fact, Browning claimed to have found (drama, drama!) irrefutable proof of the existence of a policy of exterminating the Jews in the Frank diary.
In actual fact? That boiled down to the claim he had discovered…
(drum roll)
one incriminating sentence.
10) He did not know that Frank had given the Tribunal an explanation of that kind of sentence, chosen beforehand from the hundreds of thousands of sentences in a personnel and administrative journal of 11,560 pages. Furthermore, Frank had spontaneously turned over his “diary” to the Americans when they came to arrest him. The sincerity of the former Governor General is so obvious to anyone who reads his deposition that Christopher Browning, invited to hear the content, did not raise the least objection.
11) One last humiliation awaited him.
For the sake of his thesis, he invoked a passage from the well-known “protocol” of the Wannsee conference. He had made his own translation of the passage.
Fair enough. How-EVER.
That translation was seriously in error.
At that point, his thesis collapsed.
Smoke, flames, sparks, and much, much wailing.
12) Finally, his own personal explanation of a “policy of the extermination of the Jews” was the same as Hilberg’s.
Everything was explained by the “nod” of Adolf Hitler. In other words, the Fuhrer of the German people did not need to give any written or even spoken order for the extermination of the Jews. It was enough for him to give a “nod” at the beginning of the operation and, for the rest, a series of “signals.”
Telepathy, at its finest! The actions of thousands of people, over long periods of time, over widely scattered geographic location, 24/7, day and night, beautifully mass choreographed, with never a written order, paper trail, or trace left behind.
When everything ELSE, super efficiently, German style, was documented up to the neck, and down to the knees, in triplicate, pink-yellow-red copies, signed off, sealed, blessed, documented and ARCHIVED.
VERDICT: Bullsh*t. Absolute poppycock. Shameful. An absurd, crude, attempted Jewish rail-roading of an innocent man (Ernst Zundel), and a mighty slur on the fine German people.
Source: page 25-28, downloaded from “Did six million really die?”
Photo: Harvey Kneeslapper

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